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Paying Attention To The Now

Updated: Feb 13

Lady being mindful

We don't have to be Mindful or Meditation gurus or experts to pay attention to the now,

it only takes less than a second to focus our attention on our breathing, see our surroundings, the sounds we hear, the smells that circulate, our feelings in our body, our emotions and the texture of things when we touch them.

Set an intention before you try these steps. Intention + attention = Mindfulness.

*Focus your attention on the now.

*Breath deeply in through your nose and out through your mouth on the count of four.

*See your surroundings and notice what's happening.

*Listen to the sounds around you, find ones you don't usually hear in the background.

*Smell the diffferent smells around you.

*Feel your emotions or body sensations.

*Touch your things around you and notice the texture.

In the beginning you might notice some thoughts still circulating around your head and that's ok, the more we practice the more at ease we'll feel. The more we practice the more we'll realise how much calmer and less stressed we are. The more I've practiced these daily mindfulness steps the more I realise that it has literally changed my life.

What we practice, grows stronger.

Let me know your commennts below and how you've felt after trying this out daily.

Take care 😊

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