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For more than 10 years now I've had the pleasure to guide and coach my students on their English learning journey. 

I love teaching Business English as every day is a school day for me and I never stop learning about all kinds of companies and departments, from start-ups to traditional companies and their practices and latest advancements. This keeps me on my toes and gives me the knowledge and tools to better equip my students with the English language they need for their working lives.

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What My Students say .....

I have been having classes with Sarah for three years. 
After having many English teachers throughout my life, I can say that Sarah is the best teacher I ever had. That means that I have noticed my improvement from the beginning, and I am feeling much more confident now.
Sarah tailors every class for every student depending on what the student needs.
The classes are very dynamic so the time flies. 
I have already recommended her classes to all my friends interested in improving their English and all of them are very happy and continues having classes with her.

Elvira Villalba  GSK, Spain.

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