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Mindfulness for Kids and Teenagers

Updated: Apr 24

Kids sitting on chairs
mindfulness for kids & teenagers

The one and only reason I ever started mindfulness & meditation back when I was a teenager was because I saw my Mother doing it.

Kids are like sponges, they’re the product of what we do, express and act, they absorb our values, are conditioned by our beliefs and completely copy us.

So, when I saw my mother meditating while I was a teenager of course I tried to copy her, I didn’t lick it off a stone so they say, lol.

Not only did it help me manage serious hormonal mood swings, but I was able to better control any worry about peer pressure & exams, although my Parents would probably beg to differ about the exam part, lol.


Nowadays, with the wonderful advancements technology brings to us, it can also bring cyber bullying, nasty emails from unknown resources and unrealistic beauty and body images that teenagers aspire to be like, which can lead to awful eating disorders and possibly have detrimental consequences on our kids’ self-worth and self-esteem.


Over the last 3 years of volunteering at a crisis text line service, I've come across the fact that more than 50% of the crisis texts I receive are from teenagers suffering from school, pressure from exams, feeling suicidal, being left out of friends circles and bullying, to name just a few. Mindfulness is one of the coping skills that we explore with youngsters in times of crisis and hard times at home, school, and social situations

I’m constantly hearing great advice for our kids and teenagers online from Gary V a highly successful influencer/entrepreneur.

I especially remember one parent asking him for advice, in one of his instagram clips, about how to protect her teenager from online criticism or bullying.

Here’s his advice: ''To build their self-esteem''


Talking from experience from his own upbringing, he goes on about different ways his mother praised him. It was never about grades, or doing well in exams, but focusing on his qualities as a human and how kind he was as a person, here.


He never stops reiterating about self-love and that by loving ourselves more, we'll be able to build the strength we need to be so strong in the world today and to be able to handle any kind of battles, fails, criticism or knocks- look a look at a post here:


So, what I’ve done is, searched for all possible resources regarding mindfulness for kids & teenagers.


Here’s some of what I found (for teenagers)

to be nice to






Here’s some of what I’ve found (for kids)

*Rainbow relaxation – short mindfulness for children.


*Belly Breathing: Mindfulness for Children


Imagine an activity with our kids or teenagers where we can both, the parents and children, engage in mindfulness activities together. We might have to start doing mindfulness alone first, to be the example to our children firstly, and then maybe invite them into the activity.

Whatever way works best for you.


I'd love to know your comments or how you get on:


Have you ever thought about this idea before?

Is mindfulness for kids or teenagers available in schools around your area?

Would doing this activity together with your kids, nieces or nephews or grandchildren, something you’d like to try out?


If you can’t find what you’re looking for here, and need some specific Mindfulness, healing or coaching assistance, please reach out to me and we can have a chat to help fulfil your or your children’s needs better:

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