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Together as One

Updated: May 15

Sun setting with Sunset sky

Image taken by me watching the sunset .

Just before you're wondering what's going on, I've united websites and email addresses, this will be my website and email from now on 😊

Find out why below....

Have you been feeling like a weight has lifted off your shoulders, like a big outbreath of relief?

Have you been feeling like you’ve shaken off some serious blockages?

Like a long time wait for something has finally come or a long struggle has ended?

So have I.

Let's find out why....

I’ve so much to say and I don’t know where to start, hehe, well let’s start with that sigh of relief as we’re on the other side of what seemed to be a lot of heavy and exhausting energy, I hope you’ve been feeling lighter and have had some fresh starts and healthy endings, as I have.

I’d like to quote one of my favorite Astrologists Pam Gregory as she highlights this energy:

''I'm noticing that many people over the last few days with the Total Solar Eclipse are experiencing a healing from a long term challenging situation or habit. Remember that Chiron that little planet known as the wounded healer, was EXACTLY conjunct the Total Solar Eclipse SuperMoon. They are suddenly having clarity, or seeing things from a higher perspective, or a shift, or a detachment . . . however it happens the energy is lighter. less stuck, and more accepting and loving.

Many of us felt a profound healing as we moved through the Solar Eclipse.

We moved from intensity, anxiety, challenge, to shedding so much of our old patterning, and are emerging as clearer, lighter, happier and more purposeful. There is a sense of the 'heavy' energy falling away and we are bobbing up in the waters of life onto a higher timeline’’

She also says that:

''April offers us the chance of a real pattern-interrupt in our inner state, our habitual behaviour, our long-term responses to situations that are so ingrained in who we are. Be open to become a new version of yourself, a higher version with an expanded awareness and sense of self. Welcome in this new light and this New Human. It truly is beginning for us in a bigger way this month, so many of us can feel it. Importantly, this has the potential to shatter belief systems for many people.

Observe your behaviours that are no longer serving you and decide to DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT, become someone different, more loving, kind, compassionate, peaceful, joyful, living from the heart in every moment. These big shifts in our state of being and consciousness are being strongly supported by the astrology in April, and ongoing''.

 Very validating for me, let me know if you lovely listeners and readers are feeling the same.

My advice during this massive transformational time is to start looking look inwards if you haven’t started already as we have so much accessible wisdom and so many answers within ourselves.

We have the choice to look inwards for safety, what our body needs, what decision to make, find inspiration, problem solving, comfort, answers, and we can access this wisdom through mindfulness, meditation, walking in nature, grounding, or earthing.

We don’t need to or rely on an external person, public figure or anyone for our wisdom.

Despite the fact that we might see upheaval all around us, we have a choice to heal and help heal on a global level by going inwards with Mindfulness, not only is this beneficial for our own selves but through intention we can positively impact the world and help those who are suffering incredibly through the power of intention and setting the example of peace at home firstly.

Here’s a lovely episode of two wonderfully wise Shamans speaking about listening to ourselves more.

Renee Baribeau and Sandra Ingerman inspire us to deepen your spiritual practices and open to the love and wonder of the spiritual worlds where so much help to move forward in a good way is available to all of us.

This is an absolutely and utterly lovely, I love how Sandra mentions talking to nature beings, from flowers to animals and trees and everything natural and asking them about their lives and what message they have for us.

Their main message is to trust ourselves more and know we can take care of ourselves.

Our soul knows what our bodies needs.

This also sparks off another fantastic recommendation book called The Artist’s Way, it was given to me by a wonderful friend Anna who’s flourishing in empowering Poetry at the moment, she also accesses her inner creativity and wisdom and it shows so beautifully and vulnerably in her poetry.

The Artist’s Way," is a popular self-help book written by Julia Cameron. It's designed to help people tap into their creativity and overcome creative blocks. The book provides a 12-week program with exercises and techniques aimed at unlocking creative potential, such as daily journaling and "artist dates" where individuals engage in activities to nurture their creative spirit. "The Artist's Way" has been praised by many for its effectiveness in helping individuals rediscover their creativity and pursue their artistic passions.

This book isn’t just for releasing creativity it’s also for accessing any wisdom we need, and it’s suggested that we journal daily preferably in the morning when our minds are fresh, which is when I get my inspiration from too.

I invite you to start tapping into your inner wisdom through journaling and using your intuition more.

Speaking of finding answers, the other morning, as I was doing my morning pages, I got a strong message through, to bring my work together as one, on one single website instead of three separate websites, as most of you already know, I'm a Business English Coach And Mindfulness Guide as well as a Healer. With the help of this new eclipse energy, I've been guided to unite these three parts of me and my work, and shall I say to honour my Human Design Manifestor quality which says that I should be transparent with what I'm doing. It's recommended that I be open with what I’m doing and not hide things, which isn’t an intentional thing.

Have you looked up your Human design chart yet?

Up until now I never thought I'd ever be able to cross these paths over but since more and more people are suffering from stress, anxiety and worry not only in the corporate world, but also among my students, clients, friends and family, so I felt compelled to approach everyone with mindfulness and healing to help target these obstacles they're facing.

Energetically speaking I feel it's the right time as well as people are more and more open to what other modalities there are out there to cure themselves and heal their pain and trauma, not only though alternatively and holistically but also within themselves, without having to seek help outside themselves.

I'm feel very lucky but a little scared to be the bridge between the corporate world and alternative therapy world for those who are likely to open up and be curious.

And it's also showing people who I really am as many of my students don't really know me, as transparent as I come across.

Now in saying ll of this I won't be showing off my healing skills and pushing it onto people at all, and very far from it, what I'm providing is a little window that people can peep into if they curious.

One thing I’ve learned from all of the shamanic teachings I’ve been learning recently is that we can’t push healing onto anyone, we can’t get involved with others' life paths, if we do, we’ll create karma for ourselves because we’re interfering with others without they themselve truly wanting it, so be careful!

I highly encourage you to not be pushy with anyone onto a healing journey unless they choose it themselves.

It's funny I’m saying this because I’d love nothing more than for my partner to ''wake up'' but maybe he won’t ever wake up, maybe he will one day but that’s none of my business and I can’t interfere with his already chosen life path and journey unless I wanna create karma for myself.

So let me ask you this:

Have you ever felt a little worried to open up who you really are and what your heart and soul does to the corporate world or to people you might be afraid of rejecting you?

Have you ever felt reluctant to show your vulnerability or felt stuck and scared of taking that step to working in what you truly love?

I’d love to know your stories which might even help others to take that brave step into transformation too.

I wish you a wonderful month of April,

Take care.


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