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Healing modalities

My healing services range from Quantum Healing through hypnosis to help recover memories in order to release and let go of inner child wounds, trauma, trapped energies and kickstart healing.

Distant Energy Healing, Stress & Anxiety Reduction Techniques, Meditation and Mindfulness coaching for stress and busy lives.

I also provide readings to help guide you and give you some insight and direction of your life's path.

Anxiety & Stress Healing Techniques

In a fast paced and hectic world, at home, work and even socializing, it's highly likely that we'll come across stressful situations. Our body, without even consciously knowing, can be in the fight, flight or even freeze mode and hold blockages throughout our energetic body, which can cause us awful pain.

Mindfulness & Meditation,  EFT tapping  & The healing code are really powerful anti-stress and anxiety healing practices and techniques that you can do anywhere once learned how.

Without using these effective practices and techniques on a daily basis, I too would be suffering in this stressful world.

Here we'll go through the basis of these practices and techniques healing techniques to give you a better understanding of how they work. Then you'll thoroughly learn how to do them, when's best to do them and how often, so you can then take these home to use daily or weekly.

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''We may not be responsible for the world that created our minds, but we can take responsibility for the mind with which we create our world''

-Gabor Mate

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Quantum Healing through Hypnosis

​This is a healing modality where you will be guided through the process of deep relaxation, which will lead you to a safe state of hypnosis where you are always in control. You will start receiving the answers to the questions you ask about your life, work, relationships, your past, future, and any questions that are important to you to receive information on, right now in your life.

During a Quantum Healing Session, you are guided into a conscious yet deeply relaxed state with beautiful sounds and powerful imagery. Once the journey begins, you start to receive images, feelings or knowings. You are most often brought to a time and place that is the most relevant time and place to receive the answers you require. This could be a past life, a moment in this life that has been suppressed, or any place that is needed to help heal you while on your journey.

Your subconscious mind will connect you with your higher self and healing team to guide along your experience. Once energy healing is experienced and questions are answered, you are brought back to everyday awareness and grounded back to self. 


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"Healing takes courage, and we all have courage, even if we have to dig a little to find it."
- Tori Amos

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In order to understand how distant energy healing works, let's look at what our bodies actually are made up of. Our bodies are comprised of energy vibrating at different speeds. Our physical body, our thoughts, emotions, and our spiritual centre, all vibrate at a particular frequency or speed. These varying vibrations or pulsations create a field around them which is often referred to as our aura or energy field. The aura is an information center and a highly perceptual system that transmits and receives messages from the external and internal environment.

Each energy layer appears different and has its own individual function. Yet, they continuously interpenetrate each other as well as the physical body. These fields can be felt through touch. It is what we perceive or sense when we scan with our hands. 

Or can receive distant energy from afar.

During this session we'll start off with an energy cleansing visualisation and then we'll go through the steps in order to open yourself to receiving distant energy healing. We'll finish our session with a visualisation technique that you can take home and use on a daily basis to continue this distant healing.

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"The wound is the place where the light enters you."

- Rumi

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My Vision

My vision is to help people around the world learn their own healing tools, to accelerate healing overall on a global level, which will empower us to live more authentically and with a wonderful collective frequency of love.



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