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Building Empowerment

Updated: Feb 13

An empowered lady after mindfulness

There once was a girl,

Who had a big meltdown,

Right in the middle of a meeting,

But when she was calm, she was very calm indeed,

And when she was horrid, she'd be fleeting.

Inspired by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's poem There was a little girl which my great-Granny would always recite to me when I was a little girl.

I wonder what she was insinuating? lol.

Mindfulness is like a heart hug, or a self-care flower, a serenity bubble or stepping into another blissful timeline.

Through calmness, we find peace.

Through holding space, we find patience.

Through stillness we find answers.

Through being present, our awareness builds. 

Through going inwards, our personal power strengthens.


But is there enough time? What do we need to do? Where do we need to go? Who do we have to see? When do we have to be there? What’s next? Now what? I need to call someone.


The natural whirlwind of proactivity blowing through our brains daily, is the driving force of getting things done, and that’s amazing!


But one day it all explodes, we break-down, make a bad move, burst into tears, shout something we don’t mean.

And that’s ok, because we are humans with emotions and feelings.

But what if we could manage these emotions and stress bombs better? 

What if we built so much strength that we were able to control who hurt our feelings and whose feelings we hurt?

What if we were finally able to adapt to change with ease and no resistance at all. 

What if our calmness momentum built up so much that we could literally handle any obstacle with such a mindful stance that we even blew ourselves out of the water.

What if we were finally able to release control and suffer much less? 

What if we could access our internal wisdom during those silent moments of time?


It might sound unimaginable but setting an intention + small mindful stepping stones will eventually lead to a monumental leap.


Imagine our brains like car engines driving around the world 365 days, no matter hail, rain or snow.

They speed around all day long, driving up steep mountains, through thick snow, getting stuck in torrential floods, stressful traffic jams and fierce winds.

Such powerful cars!


But the car needs to stop for a while and rest, doesn’t it?

Just like our minds.


You might be wondering ''Don’t our minds rest when we’re sleeping?''


Well, many of ours do, but some of us don’t rest in our sleep very much, as some of us are like acrobat birds, flying through the sky at high speed, or getting chased through forests by a big lion or maybe our teeth are falling out in our dreams, while others find it even difficult to rest at all, due to high stress, anxiety levels or coming close to burn out.

Have you ever woken up exhausted? Wondering if you even slept at all?

If so I have a solution:

I'd like to suggest something that was suggested to me recently.

A dear friend of mine recommended a wonderful app the other day called Insight timer I honestly haven't stopped using it for my morning, lunch time & night time mindfulness, I'm getting fantastic use out of the free version for now. It provides a timer that you can set for any amount of time. You can listen to any kind of sound during the time you set, or you can even sit in silence.

This is not a sales pitch I promise 😊

I challenge you to try some mindfulness on this app.

Let me know how you get on!

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