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Feeling Safe, Unicorns & The Golden age

They’re etherally magical, been around for a very very long time, they show up in numerous cultures all around the world, from being Scotland’s national animal to appearing in the ancient myths of India and China. The earliest description even appeared in Greek literature and the Greeks considered them part of the natural world rather than of myth. In Christianity they represent the incarnation of Christ, a symbol of purity & grace. Not only are they a symbol of pure innocence, love and personal power but they also represent joy & adventure.

On top of all of those other worldly magical qualities, they exist purely as high energies, and their mission is to explore the meaning of what it is to embody light, unconditional love and complete oneness, where polarity doesn’t exist.


Can you guess what they are?



I had another wonderful Akashic reading guided by my magical friend Jen, we had an open intention, to go somewhere fun, perhaps the Unicorn realm.

If you'd like to listen to the audio you can here:

I'd never met anyone before with such an amazing gift of connecting and accessing the Akashic records. Jen is so smartly articulate and depicts her visuals so creatively that you can completely connect to her journey.

Take a nice comfortable seat , grab a cup of something lovely and close your eyes while listening, if you do listen. I’m sure you’ll have as wonderful a journey as I did, I got so much from this session.

Jen got amazingly insightful information from the fairy and the unicorn that she met in the unicorn realm that she travelled to, through the Akashic records.

One important thing I’d like to highlight from the session is regarding Humanity.

Jen was given the information that, as we humanity matures, we are coming to a realisation that slavery has been self-imposed. Many people don’t realise they are slaves at this time, as the energy we refer to as money, only secures an illusion of safety which is why we are slaves to money and working in jobs that don’t fulfill our true heart’s wish. Safety is something that cannot be given, it can only be created, by us.

Human beings are now capable of creating our own safety, which is why we won’t receive this safety from the energy of money for much longer.

This first step is to recognise that we are slaves, and then we are to recognise that we have committed ourselves to slavery. All of us as, well most of us, have spent our lives doing things we do not want to do, for reasons we do not want to do them for.

However, during these current times, we are maturing to a point where we are capable of recognising that we can take care of ourselves, and provide for ourselves. Money is going to go away in the future. Money will no longer be necessary, because work is a distraction, just as money is a distraction to our real work and realisation process. We’re growing into learning how to provide for ourselves, to discover our inner wisdom and provide our own safety.

We can also create our own sense of safety through working on our root chakra which is related to security, safety, stability, and ''financial'' security.

Here’s a video to help you work on creating your own safety.

Our wealth is in in the accumulation of health.

We now have the capability of creating our own safety from within and as our world’s frequency rises throughout this age we are in, known as the Golden Age, we too raise our frequency, similar to that of Lemuria.

There are going to be a lot of changes as this realisation occurs throughout the human consciousness as we move away from the energies of money. Our world will rise in frequency, they say, and be a closer match to that level of their own world, this is the coming of the ''Golden Age’’ that has been spoken of throughout the ages.

During my session we were told that we have the ability to tap into each on of our chakras and energy centres and develop our subtle senses, these subtle senses themselves are more powerful than our physical senses as they allow us engage in an unobstructed view of our perceived surroundings and world view.

When we use our exterior scenes, this is filtered through our ego, which has blind spots, windows in certain places that prevent us from really seeing the world in it’s true essence.

We used to use our subtle senses a very long time ago, what’s why using our subtle senses has been forgotten about, as humankind chose to experience itself with a mostly obstructed viewpoint for a very long time.

Now as humankind is growing and evolving from it’s ''spiritual puberty’’ it’s now time to remember and re-discover how to see in an unobstructed way. It’s like a memory game, we knew how to do it before and we’re now rediscovering that, we’re reawakening again.

This was an intentional move made by the human collective consciousness, it was part of the earth/human contract which we’re now shifting during this time.


I asked where they see the Earth in the next few years:

They replied through Jen that new systems are being built up, step by step, this is the importance of this change taking place, over a long period of time. It all must crumble slowly before a new period of time starts to grow, like new trees on a new earth.

I asked if this Golden age is similar to that of Atlantis or Lemuria,  and they said yes, Lemuria.

Atlantis was a bi-product of the star people’s ego. They wished to create the perfect society. Humans were not ready for many of the gifts that they received and so we have seen a massive regression because their consciousness had to grow into the ability to navigate these gifts independently, gifts of self. Self-realisation can never be given, it must be made on the individual level, even when the individual level involves such a massive collective consciousness like Humankind.

There are still technologies today that humankind has not yet realised themselves and are not mature enough to navigate. It’s because of this that it has been allowed for the starseed program to commence. The star people have continued to interfere with the natural progression of evolution and learning.

Then Jen says that she was seeing images of technology such as rockets, nuclear power plants, telephones, microwaves, a tower radiating energy, wireless signals and then bombs. Bombs were given with the best of intentions but from the outside.

As she stands with this fairy lady talking, she describes a circular courtyard where mushrooms grow, it’s where they meet, dance and have parties and stuff. She can see other fairies doing their own things, minding their own business in the background, admiring the beautiful, white, magnificent, unicorn.

They say that the unicorn holds the most evolved energy of their planet, the fairies are further below and have more polarity, diversity and perspective. The fairy consciousness feels similar to our own, they think in pictures. And the fairy sends her a picture with the message and emotion within it.

They’re cousins to the fairies here on Earth, although the fairies on earth have more polarity and are further divided, as this is the nature of Earth, the most polarised planet in the universe.

If people are nervous about working with earth fairies, the fairies in the this Unicorn realm are much more vasile (loyal) because they live in a harmonious plain of existence so it’s safer to call upon the energies of those fairies.

I then asked if there’s anything they think we should know that would be beneficial to us (humans)

They say that everything around you has a spirit, so the clearer you can get on your own perspective on following inclinations of your own spirit, the greater your ability to perceive those inclinations in others.

The way to assist others, to engage in the frequency of harmony, first practice how to emit this frequency yourself, to study the fields of energy .

We’re encouraged to work with our own natural innate healing energy, or own natural abilities, and that way, others will see, and try to tap into their own natural abilities and talents.

What insightful wisdom, thank you Jen!

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