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What Mindfulness is and what it isn’t

Lady Practicing Mindfulness

Mindfulness isn’t a way of escaping our emotions, it’s an opportunity to give ourselves space to understand our emotions.


Mindfulness isn’t a means of avoiding stress, worry or anxiety, it’s a way to give our uncomfortable feelings an understanding of what’s going on in any part of our lives.


Mindfulness isn’t ignoring our problems and pushing them way, it’s about acknowledging and accepting them to better manage and address them.


Mindfulness isn’t a meditation-guru thing, it’s a curated space for us to build empowerment and find the keys to our autonomy.


Mindfulness isn’t trying to ignore world problems; it helps us craft a wise awareness of what’s happening in the world in order to observe situations with a better judgement.


Mindfulness isn’t an avoidance strategy, it’s an acceptance strategy where we grow to accept both sides of the coin or learn to understand both points of views.


Mindfulness isn’t one of those trends that’s ‘’in’’, it’s always been here, it’s now, and it’s a pathway to finding our own truths within.


When we open our Mindfulness door, we discover the realization that we already have the answers and wisdom within us, which we sometimes tend to seek elsewhere.


We realize that, in fact, we are already whole, pure, and love-based people who, because of human conditioning, life experiences, upbringing, and society, have grown onion layers of beliefs, different lenses to see the world and ways of thinking, that may or may not serve us, but deep down in the bowels of our hearts and underneath those onion layers of life, there’s absolutely nothing we need to fix.


So, when mindfulness becomes a part of our daily habits, we start to innately know exactly what onion layers of life we should shed, in order to bring ourselves back to our pure selves and remember the whole and sparkling people we already are.



Here’s an intention setting mindfulness technique, you might find helpful, and one I use nearly every morning.


Firstly, I set an intention: I intend to receive inspiration throughout today for work.

 (think of your own intention, what would you like to recieve or let go of?)

Then, for 20 minutes I do box breathing while listening to low meditative sounds or meditation music.

(start with 5 minutes in the beginning and work your way up over time)

(breathe in for 5 seconds, hold for 5 seconds, breathe out for 5 seconds, hold for 5 seconds)


At the end, I say thank you, and that I’m grateful for receiving the inspiration throughout the day ahead.


The results never fail to surprise me!


Try it out and let me know how you get on.

I’m excited to hear your results too 😊

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