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What Pluto In Aquarius Means For Us…

This week's episode:

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Thank you so much 😊💕

Have you been feeling a shift in your energy recently, as if resistance has just released or lifted?

Has it been much easier to finally accomplish something you had been battling with for a while now?

Are you feeling much lighter overall, and a lot less weighed down?

Have you noticed people coming together and forming communities all around the world for different causes, more so than a few years ago?


I certainly have, and I might know one of the reasons why…


Firstly, thank you so much for taking the time to open your eyes to this week’s healing story, I’m so glad and grateful for you!


This year has gotten off to a fairly good start for me, and having taken a look at my circles, friends and clients, there seems to be a similar trend. Things have started to finally move, shift, release and let go, which left me feeling curious! So off I went to consult the stars to see what’s happening, since they hardly ever fail in giving me answers or realisations which align with how I’m feeling.


A lot of talk has been circulating about Pluto coming into Aquarius, it has been popping up all around me and among my astrologically-minded friends and experts I follow.

Here’s what I’ve found to help us understand a little bit more about why we’re feeling a relief (if you have been)


Pluto, a small celestial body in our solar system, yet an enormous influence, is associated with transformation, regeneration, and profound change.

Aquarius qualities have a strong sense of independence, originality, open-mindedness, relationships, community, networks and a love for intellectual pursuits.

Aquarians are often seen as innovative thinkers, forward-looking, and interested in social causes. They are thought to be humanitarian, friendly, and unconventional. The ruling planet Uranus is linked to change, revolution, and unpredictability, influencing Aquarians to be unique and non-conformist.


For the last 16 years up to September 2024, Pluto had been been swirling around in the sign of Capricorn.

Capricorn is associate with industry, big corporations, business investments, Wall Street, corporate power, money and traditional economic structures.

Many renowned astrologers associated the boom of capitalism with Pluto’s journey through Capricorn. The rich became richer, the divide became wider, and the poor became poorer.


So, let’s thank the universe and our solar system for a start to regained balance!  What a relief that Pluto has now moved into Aquarius where this is all finally changing.

The only little thing is, is that this change won’t be as fast as we’d like it to be, as Pluto moves so slowly, therefore, it will take time for us to really understand the implications of this powerful transit.


What does this Pluto in Aquarius transit actually mean?


Pluto in Aquarius means transformation, profound social change, building communities, relationships and networks, people focused humanitarian care, open-mind-ness, scientific breakthroughs, medical advancements, and technological achievements

Back on March 23rd, 2023, through to June 11th, 2023 Pluto entered Aquarius briefly before skipping back into Capricorn.

Pluto is now back on the ball in Aquarius since January 20th, 2024 and will stay there until September 1st, 2024, then it’ll briefly retrograde back into Capricorn to give a final farewell and reenter Aquarius on November 19th , 2024 where it will stay put until March 8th,  2043. This means that Pluto will remain in Aquarius for the next 19 years.

I'm excited to see how it all unfolds.


For those of you who may not be aware of what your Sun, Ascendant sign or moon signs are:

All you need to know is your date of birth, place of birth and what time you were born and then you can follow the below links and find your Sun, Ascendant and rising signs.


*Find my sun sign


*Find my ascendant or rising sign


*Find my moon sign


If you would like an astrological reading, please get in touch with me and I’ll recommend some wonderful Astrologists that will explain everything more in depth regarding your own personal chart.


I find this information so helpful as it’s one step closer to understanding ourselves even more.


My sun sign is Libra, my ascendant is Sagittarius, and my moon is Aquarius.

What I’ve managed to confirm about who I am through my Astrologist and explanation of my chart is that I’m extremely independent and love to feel free. I’m highly drawn to the unknown, imagination, creativity, nature, travel, beauty, and the unexplored spiritual side of life. I’ve been advised by my astrologer to find balance there as sometimes as I tend to get too disconnected from the real world and absorbed in the metaphysical.

I love discovering new knowledge, I’m full of optimism and I adore new challenges.

Having deep conversations about life, past lives, life outside of this earth, personal development, how are minds work, trauma, energy healing and natural ways of curing our health are all my favorite topics.


I’m not a big fan of others trying to control me at all, which can make me be quite controlling ironically enough. When I was a child and teenager, I was a little bit manipulative in that sense, especially with my parents and sister.


Libra is a sign of balance, however, I sometimes don’t find myself very balanced at all, as I’m an all-or-nothing kinda girl especially in terms of relationships, work, food, and exercise. That said, I’m quite diplomatic and like to see both sides of every story, I like to understand what’s happening beneath the surface. I can’t bear unfairness and strongly believe in equality, humanitarianism, and community. I love people and how our minds work. I try not to judge, and I accept things as they are. I believe that everyone is on their own journey, and we cannot understand what’s happening in others’ lives from the outside.


I love playing, laughing at silly things, dry sarcasm and I can come across as very unexpected at the best of times. I come out with very random things, lol, which I connect to my Uranus rising at the time I was born (according to my chart)


I’m excited to hear about you and what you discover if you haven’t already, let me know in the comments below 😊

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