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A Frog, Angel Guides & Basking in the Feminine Energy


Meet Gustavo, a new little friend that came into our new house and one of the highlights of my life over the last few weeks 😊

He hopped into our new (yet-to-be-cleaned) pool last week, I had imagined it might have been normal to come across a frog, since it’s quite rural and there’s a river nearby. Then we noticed a stone frog statue on our wall/fence, which made me question things further, maybe this IS a known froggy area? But THEN, as you drive into this city, there’s a restaurant called the Green Frog (La Rana Verde) so 3 consecutive frog symbols, led me to need no more clues.

I looked up the symbolism of a frog and I was so comforted to see that it’s a symbol of healing and cleansing, luck and fortune, fertility and abundance, renewal and rebirth, transformation, and change. Since we had been through one rocky road of a journey the weeks before that, it’s exactly the symbolism we needed. I really wanted to keep his cute little self but felt it wasn’t right, so we set him free into the bushes with an angel to take care of him.

It’s funny how time can go so slow yet so fast at the same time, what a whirlwind of events the last couple months have brought. I needed to take a little step back from everything and recharge. I’m wondering if it’s been the same for you lovely readers? I’ve been getting similar feedback from some of my circles.

I was feeling so tired and burnt out even after waking up, I thought it might have been too much coffee, or too much distant healing energy and energy work on top of working daily, but apparently, I was told that I was getting activations and downloads in my sleep which were actually exhausting me.

I’m grateful to have been able to not feel guilty from taking that step back as I would have had before, I’m wondering if you readers have ever felt similar, guilty for not having the energy to put into your work? I hope you don’t, from now on either, as it’s important to take some self-care time for ourselves and give ourselves space. In fact it’s much more beneficial, as they say, since we can’t pour from an empty cup. My Angel guides also tell me that it’s important that we bask in our feminine energy more and take a step back in order for our light to shine brighter and contribute more to the energetic world overall as a result.

Over the last 2 months, my partner and I bought a lovely little house in the countryside, both of our dreams come true, despite the few hiccups along the way. At one stage the sale flipped right over on its back kicking it’s legs in the air screaming, but very quickly bounced back, it left me flabbergasted to say the least. At one stage I honestly did not see us moving at all. I'm so glad it worked out in the end 😅

Just before we moved house, I had an Akashic reading done by a wonderful friend Jen which blew me right off course but on the right track at the same time.  I met 2 of my Angel guides and was told that the past life memories I’ve had, have actually been imprinted 😱 to help me adapt to this world better since my soul is from the angelic realm. A rollercoaster of emotions followed that as you might imagine, but it’s led me to access the Akashic record myself which I’m getting stronger at every day and gaining lots of wisdom there.

I’ve been upgrading my spiritual toolbox with some new healing techniques that I’m excited to share with anyone who’s interested, please get in touch and we can have a free consultation if you’d like to explore some new healing.

I’m excited to be back where my heart sings and delivering healing and wisdom to you all, of course when it feels right and in the depth of feminine energy 💕

You're so welcome to get in touch with any questions or comments 😊

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