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Reflect, Release & Mindfully Renew

Updated: Jan 8


Every step we take, every move we make, every single day, we’re making mistakes, celebrating milestones, and hopping back and forth from highs to lows, to wins and losses like YoYo bunnies.


They say; Don’t look back!

Move on from the past, pull up your socks and forget about last year, there’s no use in dwelling on the past if it might hinder our motivation for the future.

But maybe there’s some benefit in reflecting…


Reflecting allows us to mindfully learn from our mistakes and know what we will and won’t do in 2024.

Reflecting facilitates a greater self-awareness and might help us manage our emotions and mental health better at home and at work in 2024.

Reflecting boosts our gratitude as we remember those little wins which will set us up for a great energy going into 2024.

Reflecting makes us more strategic when making mindful decisions and in turn, more cautious in 2024.


How did we take care of our mental health both at work and at home?

Did we work as smartly as possible?

Was there a healthy work/life balance?

Have we grown individually yet strengthened as a team?

Did we come close to burn out?


How many times did we bring ourselves to the present moment and take time for yourselves to just breathe?

Was mindfulness an important part of our lives?





If in doubt, feck it out!

Just like we mindfully throw out clutter, recycle old clothes and get rid of unwanted furniture, let’s do that with 2023’s stresses, old energies, mistakes made and bad trades, with a mindful intention.


Out with the old, in with the new!

Let’s mindfully release and let go of 2023’s ups and downs, laughs and frowns, just like a balloon blowing away into the wilderness, just let it go and fly away, cut the cord, and forget it.


Releasing allows us to make space for new opportunities both at work and at home.

Letting go frees us from feeling weighed down by heavy burdens and mental rubbish.

Liberating ourselves helps us to set new boundaries, protect our mental health and lead a happier more mindful life.


How do you feel when you really let go of everything that happened in 2023?




Renew is like the fresh crops and flowers that will start to sprout in 2024.

After analysing (REFLECT) last year’s soil and discarding (RELEASE) the old soil in order to lay down nourished soil, we can then sow our seeds and cultivate these new flowers and crops in 2024.


What mindful seeds would you like to sew this January 2024 regarding your work and home life?

What flowers and crops would you like to see sprouting in 2024?

How would you like to feel throughout 2024 and how can you facilitate that feeling?


Have a wonderfully mindful 2024!

Let’s make mindful moves and build mindful relationships.


Let’s do it together 😊



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