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Onion Hearts and Layers of Conditioning

I came across this picture in my google photo memories the other day, it nearly jumped out at me as I was swiping through my memories. It’s a picture I took about 10 years ago of a heart from the center of a red onion, an onion heart.

I tend to get drawn to seeing hearts and animated faces in things quit a lot, lol. Needless to say, this onion heart led to an analogy sparking off in my mind which goes a little something like this…

What if we are already complete and whole, full off love and perfect, just like the heart in the center of that onion that day. Imagine we’ve grown and accumulated layers of life conditioning, upbringing influences, societal layers, layers of how we of see the world, beliefs, life experiences, layers of pain and trauma, some layers of strength and courage, layers of wisdom and maturity and other layers of regret or unforgiveness.

Imagine we were able to shed some of these layers if we felt like it, but there's no pressure either, we don't really have to. Maybe we’d rather leave on some of these onion layers as they seem to have served us quite well. Others might take deep work to peel them off. It might not be an easy journey peeling off some layers especially when it can sting the hell out of our eyes and cause us to suffer. Some of these layers might hold pain and trauma, inner child wounds or heartbreak which we may have been covered up throughout the years with other onion layers of protection on top.

What I discovered through Quantum Healing Hypnosis is that all off these layers can be bypassed so easily and effortlessly, and in fact, even help lift off some of these layers, if that’s what our intention is. Through Quantum Hypnosis we can go straight to whatever layer we feel like, and focus on that exact one, rather than having to peel off any on top, firstly. If it’s forgiveness or healing we intend to go to, that’s exactly where we’ll go.

We’re guided to a higher state of awareness, a place where there’s no judgement, where we can bypass our ego and logical thinking and we can fly through the layers of pain, suffering and trauma that might have grown on top of our pure and perfect onion shaped hearts.

Some of us have layers such as layers of anxiety, worry or overwhelm that we just can’t seem to shed, and which are quite hard to manage, especially when facing people, events or situations that we have no control of. Through Quantum Hypnosis, we can target whatever specific onion layer we want, find out exactly where and how it grew and what specifically happened there.

We can rewrite our story, give our inner children some comfort and reassurance and embrace our shadow selves, deep down in those layers of hidden uncertainty.

Book in with me for a free consultation if you'd like to explore any onion layers.

Consultations are free and payment plans for any healing services are available on request.

Take care 😊

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