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Letting Go To Allowing In

If you're reading this, you've made it through 365 days of the dragged-out, unpredictable Netflix series of 2023! Full of twists & turns that have even left me wondering if I missed a few episodes in between. A very random, comical, & dramatic series filled with questionable decisions, breakthroughs & setbacks, growth & decline and the occasional triumph of finding matching socks for my partner in crime although I actually prefer wearing odd ones.

And here we finally are, ready to tackle the blank pages of 2024.

Since 2023's dog-eared book has now closed and as the clean-slate calendar has already flipped open to a new year, let's perch like observing Robins, reflect, release and let go of any dusty crap from the chapters of 2023 so that we can allow in new refreshing and love-filled, chirping energy in 2024.

What a mental mosaic of experiences 2023 brought, each tile telling a story of growth, setbacks, joy, loss, and a good few thunder storms. A mixture of emotions, hurdles & triumphs, laughter & tears, and the quiet moments of self-discovery, healing & growth.

An absolute rollercoaster.

Ready for a fresh start, let's release and let go of the weight that has clung to us from the last 12 months.

Let's imagine a symbolic ceremony to bid farewell to 2023. In our minds let's gather memories, regrets, and unfulfilled expectations like colourful balloons. Each balloon representing a different aspect of the year—some vibrant with joy, others burdened by challenges. With a deep breath, let's release the balloons one by one, watching them soar into the endless sky.

As the balloons drift away, feel a sense of liberation. The burdens that have held us down start to dissipate with each rising balloon, leaving behind a feeling of lightness.

Allow a cool breeze to carry away the echoes of 2023, the waves to wash away your worries from 2023, making space for 2024's clean slate of a new beginning.

Let's make a pact with ourselves to focus on the lessons learned rather than the mistakes made, let's view the challenges we came across not as obstacles but as opportunities for growth. The resolutions and expectations which didn't materialise may transform into seeds of wisdom, ready to sprout into new possibilities.

Let's set the intention to be open to receiving all of the healing, expansion, and divine direction. To live in the present moment embracing each day without being weighed down by the past or overly fixated on the future.

Let's open ourselves to supportive communities as we continue our journey of self-discovery and renewal.

Let's welcome the first moments of 2024 with a heart unburdened and spirits rejuvenated, shimmers of hope and promises of a brighter tomorrow.

Releasing and letting go is not just a New Year's ritual but a way of life—a reminder that every sunrise brings a chance to begin anew, leaving the past where it belonged and embracing the infinite possibilities that await on the horizon.

I wish you a year full of love, wonder, gratitude, healing & magic 💕

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