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It's Beginning To Feel A Lot Like...

Whether we find the silly season quite a sad and lonely time, or we're one where it ignites our spark and we just love the buzz of non stop preparation and excitement, both ends of the scale can leave us feeling a bit off. From stress to sadness, and non-stop to isolation, whatever the point of the scale, we have the choice to stop, breathe and go inward.

As we approach the end of the year, budgets close, objectives are toasted, numbers are accounted and anxiety is amounted. The annual festive chaos is evident all around us.

The countdown is on as we send our merry wishes, think of those who are in need and give a helping hand if we can fit it in, pressure can take it's toll.

The thoughts of family gatherings for some are dreaded, for others are indebted, while others longed for and the rest, excited for. A mixture of emotions nicely frosted with either panic or frantic, but we have a choice to pause, observe and go in.

Amongst the crowds of shoppers, Christmas parties & food prep, wrapping endless pressies and social expectations, managing stress during Christmas can be challenging.

When expectations seem unachievable, financial strains, unbelievable, we have the choice to bring our awareness to the now, breathe deeply and go in.

Here are some little tips to remind ourselves of during the festivities.

  • Set a budget and stick to this budget to prevent any post Christmas financial stress, it's easy to keep buying little bits that can add up to huge pocket holes.

  • Perfection isn't always necessary, let's try to be realistic on what we can achieve, try to let go of the idea of a perfect dinner, Christmas morning or Christmas holidays, remember what's really important.

  • It's ok to say no and decline invitations if we feel overwhelmed, focus on what's important, self care might be needed now more than ever.

  • Share your feelings, sometimes it's hard to reach out during this hectic season when feeling frustrated or stressed, let's try to let our nearest and dearest know how we're feeling.

  • Connection, this season is about friends, family, love and connection, sometimes we can forget that, try to keep it simple and remember what matters.

  • Reflection, let's allow ourselves to stop, relax and recharge especially to avoid burnout, fit in just 5 minutes, even once a day, to take time for ourselves and listen to the below mindfulness meditation. If we can do this more than once a day we'll notice significant benefits in our stress levels and have a much more enjoyable Christmas.

We have a choice...

Take care!

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