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Intentional Living

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When I finally realised, when the ghost realisation bus just hit me head on, and when I was literally shaken into the penny dropping timeline, it all made complete sense!


Why on earth would I ever dream of getting into a car and driving to a place not knowing how to get there?

What exact notions might be possibly lingering in mind while throwing random ingredients into a bowl without really knowing where this dish would go?


I’m a fan of improvising, and in fact, I do prefer to stir up my own dishes, which, a lot of the time, turn out palatable enough, although, I sometimes tend to burn the mouth off my partner, since I’m more of a spicy fan rather than him, but, ah sure, look it! He’s got a strong mouth because of it!


Going for an aimlessly random walk or drive wouldn’t be such an unusual thing to do really, would it? Isn’t it a nice surprise when you end up somewhere lovely you’ve never been before?


Those are the ways I kind of used to live, in a roundabout way. I did my normal day-to-day things without setting an intention. My life wasn’t too bad either, I was pleased with the little things in life and I had nothing very big or unmanageable to complain about.


Going back to the time when it all hit me, I wondered after that what would happen if I set an intention with everything I did from then on. Like what’s the worst that could happen? No harm sure!

Everything might turn out way better than I expect. If I don’t try, I won’t know.


And then I did it, one day it happened.

I set an intention outside of the usual intention setting scenarios and the results blew me away.

I set the intention before one of my classes (which actually flash-backed me to the times when I would set intentions while working in Sales, before my Sales calls back in the Vodafone days, which I had utterly forgotten about)

 Sometimes I wonder how I lose the pieces to the puzzle so easily!


So, as I just mentioned, I set the intention before one of my classes, the intention for that class that I was about to start was- to be one of the best classes I’d ever taught and coached.

What happened in that class was like a super, agile, inspiration filled me, a me that felt like I’d been channeling a higher energy of some divine brilliance.

I was on an absolute high after the class.


After that class, I started to reflect on the times I hadn’t set an intention, the classes I taught, the days I woke up, the arguments had, things forgotten to buy in the supermarket.

More pennies started dropping like showers of rain.


Then I started to go down the extreme route I usually took, and worry about forgetting to set the intention now that I’ve committed to an intention setting life, how could I possibly remind myself to do it every day?

After getting such great results, I can’t live any other way.


But as I reflected, I realised that intentions have been secretly trying to get into my life for a long time now, through Yoga YouTubers, Meditations, and healing modality practices. I always took it as something that was part of a specific process as in setting an intention was part of doing Yoga, what would we like to get from this yoga session?


Or at the beginning of a guided meditation, the facilitator would always ask to set the intention of what we’d like from that meditation.


And then, I noticed that the more healing modalities I study and facilitate into my Healing sessions with my clients the more intention setting I come across, which I just accepted as a part of the process.

I’m good at accepting things without asking any questions.

Sometimes, lol.

So yes, I always accepted an intention as part of something spiritual or healing. Until that lightbulb moment day where I actually remembered, rather than came up with the idea to set the intention before the class.


And I’ve never looked back.


What I’ve noticed is that setting an intention before everything I do helps me to become presently mindful with myself and be in the now.


Setting an intention has facilitated me getting better results in everything I do, even this healing story.


Setting intentions has improved my relationships, helped me manage my emotions and my daily habits and tasks better.


And now I’m wondering how many more of you out there live intentionally.

Have you tried setting intentions in your normal mundane tasks, relationships or anything else other than the usual intention setting rituals?


I’d love to know your stories below here in the notes…

If you'd like to start setting intentions, start a one-week intention-setting challenge to see how you get on. Let me know how that goes 😊 (Send me a mail if you need help starting it)

Thank you for taking the time to read this healing story,

Take care 💕

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