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Healing Generational/ Ancestral Trauma and Our Family Lineage.

Have you ever wondered why you feel blocked or a have a complete and utter fear of showing yourself publicly to the world?

Do you have any addiction history in your family line?

Do you find it difficult to be affectionate or show love towards others or even say I love you?

Do you feel passionately angry when you see unfairness in the world or even for a reason you aren't sure of?

These are the questions than whirpooled around my mind as I jumped in the dingy inwards to find answers though Quantum Hypnosis in order to heal any possible generational/ ancestral trauma that could have been potentially blocking me from showing up in the world without any fear, shame or embarrasment.

Generational or ancestral trauma refers to the idea that the effects of trauma can be passed down through generations, impacting the mental, emotional, and even physical well-being of our family lineage. This concept is often related to the field of epigenetics, which explores how environmental factors can influence gene expression

As you all might or might not have known, I'm from the emerald Isle of Ireland and from 1845-1852 we suffered a period of starvation, disease and emigration that became known as the Great Famine. The main cause was a disease called ''The Blight'' which affected the potato crop upon which a third of Ireland's population was dependent for food.

According to Irish historian Oonagh Walsh, she believes that the Great Hunger triggered a higher rate of mental illness among later generations, including both those who stayed in Ireland and those who emigrated. Walsh said at a Science Week event at IT Sligo in 2013 that the severe nutritional deprivation between 1845 and 1850 caused “epigenetic change.”

Epigenetics is the study of changes in gene expression. These do not necessarily involve changes to the genetic code, but the effects may persist for several generations. Walsh estimated that the impact of the epigenetic change from the Great Hunger lasted for a century and a half. Full article here:

When I started connecting the dots, when researching this, to a possible generational trauma of mine rooted from The Great Famine, the penny dropped! I finally realised why I actually can't eat enough sometimes and why I always want all the food lol.

But seriously, I really feel that an energy lifted from me after doing a healing on that possible idea that I could have been carrying some ancestral starving trauma.

Other traumatic events, such as war, genocide, displacement, or other forms of violence, can have profound psychological and emotional effects on individuals.

And even larger social and historical contexts such as systemic injustices, discrimination, and oppression can contribute to the perpetuation of trauma across generations.

I truly believe that Ireland carries a collective trauma which stems from our civil war and fight for independence, it's still quite eveident through our society in Ireland especially in the North of Ireland, sadly enough.

It was “Ireland’s greatest tragedy,” according to Liam Deasy; a “story of failure and disruption…bitterness and antagonism” in Seán Moylan’s account. 

On the other side of the divide, consular official and later Senator Joseph Connolly predicted “a heritage of bitter discord” in the civil war’s wake, while Citizen Army veteran Frank Robbins, who was neutral in the Civil War, nonetheless remembered it as “a period of unbelievable discord and tragedy.” 

This collective sense of tragedy coexisted with violently polarised verdicts regarding the meaning and stakes of the revolution’s messy end. 

Generational/ ancestral trauma can unveil itself like a ghostly apparaition, manifesting into unexplained fears, a pervaisive sence of unease, gloomy depression or chronic anxiety to name just a few.

If you are someone who answered yes to any of the questions at the beginning of this healing story just like I did, try these really effective and powerful tools which I also use, to help you become aware, release, let go and heal any generational/ ancestral trauma that might be hiding in your family lineage.

Give yourself 1 hour of ''me'' time for this Healing ritual.

Create a nice, safe and comfortable space for yourself without any interuptions while you go through these 3 steps.

*Step 1- Becomming Aware

Write down or voice journal to yourself any patterns, habits, trauma, characteristics, events or anything you can think of that might have been carried down through your ancestral line, on a family level (and a country level -optional) You might have had to do some research on this before starting this healing ritual. Keep your pen or voice journal handy as I recommend recording any thoughts, emotions, images or memories that might show up throughout this healing ritual, and even the days after.

*Step 2- Listen with earphones to:

Healing our Ancestral Lineage & Trauma Guided Meditation

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*Step 3-Listen with earphones to: Cleansing & Clearing Chakra Guided Meditation- Release & Let Go

(Remeber to like & subscribe for weekly healing videos )

Repeat this once a month for as long as you need to until you feel lighter and healed.

I wish you the best on your healig journey! Please let me know how you get on or if you have any comments.

Let's heal our ancestral lines, if not for us, for our future generations 💕

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