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Coping Skills - What Gets You Through Your Day-To-Day?

Updated: Nov 13, 2023

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What do you do when you feel an awful burst of anger bubbling up?

How do you navigate dealing with people who you just do not vibe with?

What kind of coping skills do you use to manage your anxiety, worry, stress and just life in general?

From discovering my strongest coping skill through a cloud with a silver lining, to ditching another one, as it was taking a toll on my health, keep your eyes peeled as I uncover some coping skills that I've accidentally, yet intentionally implemented throughout my life, which ones I've found useful, and the others I had to drop as they just weren't serving me anymore as I started to lose control.

I'm also going to suggest some useful coping skills to use if you feel like you need to manage any stress, anxiety or worry, especially around this troubling time we're having around the world.

So let's rewind back to the 4-year-old me playing in my housing estate, always being left out by little rascals on the street, fast forward to the 8-year-old me, having lived in rural southern Ireland for 4 years, gained quite the sing-song Kerry accent the school kids would absolutely love to slag, to the teenage me going around with teeny boobies which were only a lovely target for teenage bullies! Mix all of this outcasting rejection into a bowl with a few stones and out comes a hardened heart. The best Coping Skill I'd ever learned growing up, it did me very well, street-wised me the hell up and as the saying goes, ''if you can't beat them, join them'' made me become friends with my ex-bullies and from then on never did I ever allow anyone to emotionally hurt me for a very long time. Being able to adapt and blend in with anyone, anywhere from all walks of life was such a powerful coping skill that I gained from that life experience.

A few scoops was a great tool to compliment this, let's not lie, and having started to drink alcohol from quite a young age of 14, it gave me great ammunition.

But as the years went by I realised that I was starting to lose grip on my drinking so I had to stop, and with the help of peer support and I've never looked back. Well actually, I did slip up once and fell off the bandwagon completely for 6 months but slowly climbed back on it again.

EFT Tapping- Emotional Freedom Technique is the first coping skill I'd like to share with you, the objective here is to release and let go of stress, anxiety, and worry and any uncomfortable feelings at all.

Here's a video to see exactly how to do it here: (remember to like and follow for weekly episodes 😊💕)

You can also download the guidelines and explanation behind this modality here:

I stumbled across this EFT tapping technique when I stopped drinking alcohol a couple years ago, I started to notice that a lot of uncomfortable feelings bubbling up, serious MOFO, rejection, pain, shame and fear of showing my vulnerability and true self to the word. EFT tapping really helped me to releasing those horrible feelings.

Then the curios cat pounced out and started asking questions, one question led to another question, and I started to discover where all those feelings came from.

It was the first time I had really felt these deep and heavy emotions, as I had always blocked them before and covered them up with alcohol.

So I started to release them, a lot of heavy weight lifted out of me, even as deep as generational trauma which I'll talk about in my next episode and blog post.

My next coping skill that I can't wait to shout off the rooftops about is Voice Journalling.

What I did was, create a group WhatsApp message with someone, and then delete them from the group so you then have a group from you to you. I actually have 2 of these me-to-me groups lol. Of course you can obviously use your voice notes app in your phone and get use out of that app too, but I found that I look in WhatsApp more, so all the inspiration I get in my meditations and healing realisations can be found in my me-to-me WhatsApp groups.

Through WhatsApp messaging to myself which actually turned into a type of self-talk therapy and through Quantum healing Hypnosis-accessing past memories through my subconscious mind, I was able to uncover real answers and truths, and then all of the pieces of the puzzle started to come together. Rejection was one huge piece of the puzzle which stood out more than the rest and it started to all make sense, given my little rejection journey I'd been through in my younger years.

That realisation and awareness in itself was a big weight lifted off my shoulders. So, I continued to work on my self and unblock those energies using Quantum healing Hypnosis, EFT Tapping, energy clearing and The Healing Code, ever since that those uncomfortable feeling have lifted and I honestly feel lighter. Having said that, it's an ongoing process and requires daily work.

Please get in touch with if you'd like to connect and go on a healing journey with me in a safe space. If you do embark on a healing journey on our own and you come across some heavy trauma , get in contact with professional.

Human design is a modality that I came across along my journey which helped me discover that I'm an empath, this was quite shocking since I had always thought I wasn't, even though over the last few years I'm definitely more sensitive to the world after working on breaking down the walls around my heart which were no longer serving me anymore. Here's where I found my Human Design chart

Bubble Protection technique

If you are an empath or even if you aren't and you come across frightening situations, draining people, extreme hardship, stress, anxiety and worry, imagine yourself in bubble of protection filled with love and protective light, then seal that Bubble protection with a rim of violet light. Do this daily before you leave your house, you'll be so surprised by the difference to your day.

Another wonderful coping skill that I find so powerful is Earthing, it's also called grounding. It's when you connect to the Earth's natural energy by making direct physical contact with the ground, as in bare feet on the grass, sand or any natural earthy place. It can improve sleep as it normalises the day–night cortisol rhythm, it can reduce pain, reduce stress, increase heart rate variability, speed up healing, and overall improve your well-being. Remember to breath in deeply when you're standing bare foot on the grass or sand, imagine yourself connected deeply to the earth and as you breath out, imagine any and all of any unwanted energy, pain, stress, fear or anxiety be absorbed by the earth, the earth will then recycle this energy into beneficial energy. repeat these deep breaths for at least 10 times. Then thank the earth for it's healing ❤️

Take a look at this movie, it will literally blow you off the grass 😊 Earthing- Earthing movie

So I hope you've enjoyed these coping skill suggestions. Remember, if you would like to work with me or have any questions about anything feel free to get in touch.

Take care and stay safe ❤️

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