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Are We At War With Ourselves?

The profound and resonating sounds of my OMing voice literally rippled through my body allowing no space for thoughts at all. I could feel deeply rooted and stagnant energy started to lift and shift out through my body, facilitated by the vibrating sounds of my Oming voice, and harmoniously with other deeper and higher pitched Oms throughout the room.

There were around 12 off us in my new OMing Meditation class, some sat on cushions on the ground in the Sukhasana & Mudra pose (folded-legs-lotus pose with open-hand, finger-to-thumb circles) and others sitting on chairs facing us. We formed a circle of chairs within a circle of ground-sitters. These circles apparently amplified the intensity of our combined energy as within the circle we formed triangles, where one person on a chair faced two people sitting on the ground. We rotated our triangular seated positions throughout the meditation.

Before we started our 45-minute OM meditation, we were invited to write down an intention or someone to pray for, on a piece of paper and then leave it in a bowl with everyone else’s in the middle of our circle.

While there was no space for thoughts, I did get an important realization while deep in my meditative state:

We’re being highly encouraged right now to keep our vibrations raised as much as we can. Since we are all energetically connected all around the world, us working on lifting our frequencies will influence our earth’s energy and the people in it, especially the ones who are suffering and stuck in low vicious circle energies.

If we want to see peace in the world, we need to start with ourselves first and observe if we’re at war with ourselves or not, so to speak. Take note of our self-talk, our judgement our unforgiveness and comments about what’s right and wrong. When we point fingers, 3 fingers point back at us.

I caught myself the other day getting quite angry, and even though emotions are healthy to feel, I allowed my power to be taken away. I’m not a fan of unfairness at all, in fact I can’t bare unfairness, but I wish I had caught myself, and taken the position as the observer rather than allow my power to be unconsciously handed over to the situation I was listening to.

Working on being the observer of our own emotions is an ongoing and everlasting journey. It’s taken me years of a lot of deep-breathing, going inwards and adopting a state of stoicism, and non-judgement intentions and I still sometimes lose the lid.

It’s fair to say that we aren’t Buddhist Monks, but I try my very well best to tap into that calm and serenity energy as much as I can.

How can we expect the world to stop fighting in wars if we’re criticizing ourselves and others? Knocking the ‘’bad people’’ and saying what should and shouldn't be done.

Instead we are highly encouraged to cultivate an energy of unshakable calmness where our power will not be given to anything or anyone outside of ourselves.

They say ‘’what other people say about us is none of our business’’

I say, the more we watch the news, TV, listen to the radio to the constant brainwashing of what’s disastrously happening in the  world, the further we’re getting away from our true inner selves.

We just can’t give our power away any longer and we can’t be open to be brainwashed or fed with hate, fear or anger any longer.

In ‘’Man’s search for meaning’’ a book I highly recommend every person on this planet read not once, twice but three times over, in order to really adopt his teachings. Viktor E. Frankl, an Austrian Neurologist and Psychiatrist finds purpose and meaning in life while faced with utterly brutal suffering during the Holocaust. He spent time in the concentration camps during WW2 where he discovered how to find meaning in everything he did. He implores that choosing our attitude is essential for our mental health and well-being.

Some people find serenity in warzones while others find war in serenity zones.

We have a choice. What’s our choice?

I’d love to invite you to join me on my choice, as it’s so much more beneficial on a community level.

Let’s actively contribute to our precious world’s energy the best way we can in everything we do.

Let’s try to live in the highest frequency possible by raising our vibration through living our purpose, laughing as much as possible, allowing our 5-year old inner children to come out to play, to love our shadow selves and embrace both the masculine and feminine sides of us.

Let’s try to catch ourselves with our self-talk and give ourselves a self-hug instead.

Let’s observe the way we judge others and instead of judging, let’s honor that fact that we’re all on our own individual journey and we are all connected to the same universal energy of love.

The people who are suffering need our high energies and frequencies. They need our inner peace and they need us to contribute to the world’s energy with as much love and lightheartedness as possible. The anecdote for hate is love.

We can’t help those who are suffering by pointing fingers at who’s right or who’s wrong but we can help them by directing our fingers inward and see what we need to work on first within ourselves, especially when we project our anger.

We can’t help those who are suffering by living in fear or worry, but we can through living in confidence and the knowing that we will get through this absolute and desperate upheaval our dear earth home is going through, but we have to do it together.

Firstly, let’s look at ourselves and start here, let’s love, laugh, and play, forgive ourselves, forget about the past and move on for the greatest good.

Then, let’s look at our families, is there anyone in your family or friends circle that we find hard to forgive, or we don’t approve of? That’s our next stop.

After that, let’s move further out. Are there any people, bullies from school, ex-partners, bosses, companies that we resent or hate? That’s the following stop.

Remember to breathe through these heavy times, journal them all down, cleanse our energy, renew it, cut all attachments that we might unknowingly have as we forgive release and let go.

Remember to recycle any unwanted energy too.

Love, laugh, play

Forgive, forget and let’s move on.

Let me know how you get on.


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