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Accessing Our Subconscious Mind and Higher-Self Daily.

Updated: Jan 19

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One of my clients asked me the other day if it’s possible to access her subconscious mind or higher self without having to do Quantum Hypnosis.


I nearly jumped into my laptop with excitement.

I LOVE this question so much, it makes me so excited that someone is asking me this.

This is a question I wish everyone would ask because it’s incredibly empowering,

what this question is really asking is:


How can I find my own answers within?

How can I be inspired everyday easily and effortlessly?

How can I overcome fear?

How can I release the feeling of loneliness?

How can I be lead on the right path in my life?

How can I connect to my heart chakra? Which goes down the line of forgiving...


Honestly, the questions are endless….


So, my first suggestion and what I do every morning and night is an energy cleanse.

This is important as we pick up energies throughout the day, even in our dreams so when we clean out and activate our chakras it gives us an opening to receive information, inspiration, and guidance.

Imagine a dusty window or a dirty mirror, in order to see out the window clearly or see our reflection in a mirror well, we should clean them which is the same with our energy centres in order to connect to our subconscious minds or higher selves.


Here’s an energy clearing meditation I made but you can choose whatever one you prefer on YouTube, Spotify, or Insight Timer which I’ve been loving recently. If you need any more suggestions, just let me know.


Before you clear your energy, set an intention to clear it well and for any unwanted energy to be recycled to beneficial energy and sent back to Earth. We avoid throwing rubbish on the street, so let’s try not to release our unwanted energy without intentionally converting it to beneficial energy.


After we clear our energy, we need to replace it with replenishing light and love from source. Imagine a ball of brilliant healing light coming in from the top of your head, feel it move down through your head, into your shoulders, down through your body, until your whole body is bathed in brilliant bright energising light. Your energy should feel so lovely now.

The next step is to protect your cleansed and rejuvenated energy by imagining yourself in a protective bubble. This will make sure your cleansed energy is protected for the day and night ahead.


There after, set an intention to receive information from your subconscious mind, higher self or whoever you’d like to connect to and observe it come in.  Sometimes we get information throughout the day through different means, you’ll know them when you see them 😊

One of my friends loves journaling her ideas, she’s such a creative writer and it seems to flow right through her.

I usually just get inner knowings or ideas in my mind, and then I send myself a voice message or jot them down too.

My next best favourite way is walking in nature and earthing, yes you heard it again and I’ll say it again and again, get those wiggly toes out on the grass, beach, sand or any natural earth area to absorb Earth's healing energy. This is also a wonderful way to release and let go of unwanted energy through the earth where it can also be recycled.

Have a look at this link to see how powerful it is.

I got a few questionable looks yesterday 😂 while I was in the park as I stood there, feet out in the wet grass, wind howling through the park, it was invigorating! 

There’s something so freeing about being in nature when it’s windy and slightly drizzling. It’s literally a wild feeling. The woody smell of the tree barks brings me straight back to my childhood when I used to just play in the woods all day long, I loved it so much! I loved climbing trees, I literally climbed the highest one in my housing estate, I was shitting bricks at the top but I felt so connected to the earth. I made a little den called the Doodle Doo, my sister always knew to check there if I went missing.


Are you a fan of being in nature, does nature call you at all?


Another way of accessing our inner guidance is paying attention to our dreams.

It's super useful to write them down, say them out in a voice clip or tell someone about it so you can decipher the metaphor. Some dreams can be absolutely discarded but other ones will resonate more, and you’ll get the message when it comes out verbally, written or through speaking again. It’s hard to make sense of our dreams when they’re still in our minds.


Do you pay attention to your dreams? Have you ever gotten any vivid or clear messages in them? I'd love to hear about them.

I hope you've enjoyed these tips to connect to your inner wisdom, I'd love to hear your stories about connecting to your inner wisdom and higher selves.

Take care and have a lovely week 😊


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