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Begin, Become, Blossom.

Throw out the old, make space for the new.

Clear off the dust, wash away the dew.

Question old patterns that do you no good,

Closing withered doors will open ones that should.

Out with the useless, the energy draining foes,

In with the refreshing, the feel goods, ya know!

Abolish self talk that harms you as such.

Embrace self respect, treat yourself much.

Manage your mind with your innate natural power,

be still, pay attention, be here and now in this hour.

Believe in your ability to smash those goals,

A clear vision and steps taken will get you on a roll.

Cut out the bullshit excuses you tend to make up,

On your marks, get ready, get up ya pup!

The proudness and gladness you'll feel looking back,

On those small steps taken to get you on track.

Reward every achievement no matter big nor small,

You deserve all the greatness and respect above all.

Make this YOUR year to let your best self bloom,

Begin, become and blossom the potential to be true to only you.

Happy New Year!

-Your Life Drive.

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