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Hocus Pocus FOCUS!



  1. the centre of interest or activity.

  2. the state or quality of having or producing clear visual definition.

  3. adapt to the prevailing level of light and become able to see clearly.

  4. pay particular attention to.

I used to think I was a fantastic multi-tasker, especially back in the day when I worked in the hospitality industry, waitressing in restaurants. I thought I was well able to carefully juggle two or three tasks or even more at the same time. I used to think it was the most efficient way of working, especially under sheer sweat pumping pressure. That was all well and good until mistakes started popping up on orders from my tables, things were forgotten, money was lost and the blame was on me. I remember being so angry with myself, thinking what the hell is wrong with me!? You don't need to be a scientific engineer to put a simple order into the kitchen without mistakes. I felt like an absolute plank a lot of the times.

How many of you chat away to workmates while working at the office? Or pop back and forth from Social media while trying to get your work done? Or get side tracked so easily when doing something either online or at home that all of a sudden you can't even remember what you were doing?

Yea, me too! It's a human thing. And with so much information available to us nowadays it's so very easy to get side- tracked!

It's an actual fact that our brains cannot think more than one thought at a time nor do two tasks simultaneously and efficiently, and as much as I used to get a kick out of saying that women could multi task better than men, it's all bullshit! We're just faster at jumping back and forth from one task to another.

We have a great ability to change our concentration from one thought to another and bounce back and forth super rapidly, but we cannot give our 100% concentration to more than one thing at the same time.

The ability to stay focused on one single thing, pay attention to only one task, one project and one goal at a time, is the very single thing that will get us the most efficient, impactful and maximum results. Thus, we must think about, FOCUS on, and complete only one thing at at a time and the tasks that are most important to us right now.

How many of you want to be more productive? And get work done efficiently? Especially when time is of the essence, deadlines are due, you have goals to reach.

I know I do!

It's all about the FOCUS and learning how to focus on the really important tasks that will have the greatest impact on achieving our happiness and goals in life and work. We just cannot afford to spend valuable time to aimlessly go through life trying to do too many things at the same time. In order to accomplish meaningful goals we must FOCUS like a laser beam on what really matters at our jobs and in our private lives.

If any of you need some coaching advice or tips on how to focus better, drop me a message!

- Your Life Drive

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