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5 Essential Time Management Tips

Managing your time, managing your life..

''I have no time for this! I have no time for that! Where does the time go?''

The same used to echo out of my mouth every so often, nagging on about trying to manage nearly two full-time jobs, taking the dog out for a walk, cleaning the house, going to the gym, preparing the week ahead, morning routine, evening routine, the list goes on, imagine if kids were thrown into the mix!

''But don't I have the exact same amount of time as everyone else on the planet?'' I asked myself out straight; Yes, I do! And probably have even more than some parents out there who are working complete magic with their time, kids, family and jobs.

So yes, of course I could do all of these tasks, and efficiently, but only if I came up with a time-management plan...

So I came up with a just-like-super-Moms time management plan to finally put my shit in order and not waste any more time.

Here it goes!

1. Plan ahead.

Write down what you have to do on a piece of paper. It's that simple!

It might sound a bit brainless to say, but a pen to paper with what you have to do for the week ahead, is the very first most important step in managing your time.


2. Most important things first! What's most important for you?

-Watching a series, or getting the week ahead ready; food prep etc.?

-Checking social media, or doing that 5 minute mindfulness?

-Sleeping in that extra half an hour, or throwing yourself out of bed to get yourself and mind in order for the best stress free day?

-Sitting on public transport addictively flicking through garbage on your phone or, checking/replying to your work emails?

-Staring blindly into thin air in a complete daze, or consciously thinking to cop on and do what needs to be done next.

-I'm guessing most mothers are miles ahead of us in this game?


3.Focus on the one task itself.

Multitasking is a fine skill some of us can manage but recent studies have proven it to be not productive at all-

(See article -

I used to always lose my patience when working with my sister as she would always do just one thing at a time, while I was doing about five things at the same time. I could never understand why she would stick to doing just the one thing when she was well capable of doing at least two more things. Guess who made the most mistakes..

Now I realise.


4. Alarms for everything!

I've honestly turned into a walking alarm machine, alarms for absolutely everything, it's my singing schedule!

From waking up, to squeezed in mindfulness, to a walking the dog alarm, to my coaching sessions, classes, every single thing is timed and alarmed.



5.Getting enough sleep!

You wouldn't believe, how getting 7-8 hours sleep a night, beneficially impacts your productivity, mental clarity, happiness, stress and energy levels!

I completely understand some of you saying as you read this: Well, you don't have two kids, one who wakes up constantly, a full time job, school prep, house work, grocery shopping, and the list goes on!

All I can say to that answer is: Big Ups to you - I have full respect, and you are a hero!

But for the rest of us who have no excuse, get up that stairs and go to sleep!

Even if it's 9pm. Sleep is vital for the success of any of our objectives. When we get to bed early we can get an earlier start and kick off the day in first gear, ready to smash it!


It's safe to say that my days have been 100% more productive after following this time management plan, and I know it will definitely work for you!

''Either run the day, or the day runs you!'' - Jim Rohn

If you need a more personalised time management plan, please contact me on

Have a time smashing week!

-Your Life Drive.

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