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You're tired of walking home the same repetitive way everyday; So you explore new routes.

You're fed up of eating the same boring thing for lunch; So you snazz it up a bit.

You're feeling a little blocked in your job and feel you aren't growing anymore, So you ask for a challenge or change your job.

You lose interest in the type of music you always listen to; So you open your ears to new sounds.

You're bored of talking about the same dire economic problems; So you change your conversation.

You're sick of not having enough money; So you find an idea to bring in more cash.

You feel the rainy cold weather gets you down and complaining isn't helping; So you focus on the sunny side of things.

Your colleague is quite annoying and drains the life out of you; So you change the way you see him/her.

You suffer from worry, stress and exhaustion; So you get more sleep and practice mindfulness.

You aren't getting enough attention from your partner cause they're always on their phone; So you take up a hobby instead of arguing.

Your life is a mess and everything is everywhere; So you start by tidying your bedroom and clearing your work desk.

And the list goes on.....

There's a solution to everything.

It's found from within you and no where else.

The day we stop putting the blame on others for our meltdowns, frustrations and short comings, is the day we win!

Coming in first for gold 🥇

-The Game of Life.

-Your Life Drive.

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