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A Quest into Curiosity

Searching the depths of an enchanted forest, on an educational quest to find essential information, to find the keys, the answers, the reasons; I come across four tiny wise gnomes, each one guarding a mysteriously looking door.

I stop curiously and ask them if any of the doors contain any particular knowledge or information, because I'm on a mission to find answers.

The first glowing and enlightened looking gnome said: 'On the other side of this magical door you'll receive access to the eternal knowledge of the most advanced sciences that have ever been taught, through here, you will become expert in the wonders and sciences of our mysterious globe,

and nothing else.

The second long-bearded gnome said: 'Behind this door you will be led on a never ending adventure around this fascinating planet to visit all of our worldly cultures, where you will gain infinite knowledge about life through real life situations and people,

and nothing else. 

The third warty-chinned gnome said: 'As soon as you reach the other side of this door you will be provided with the teachings and research from the ancient Greeks and Philosophers, ancient oriental medicinal traditions, African and South American spiritual teachings and understandings,

and nothing else.

The forth more modern-looking gnome, who wore a top hat and had no beard said: Through this magical door you will be provided with an unlimited understanding of everything included behind the other three doors! But, there's one condition; Sometimes you will be offered some new information that you've never heard nor seen before, information that is somewhat inconceivable, and because you have chosen this door to unlimited knowledge, your mind and ears will have to open wider in order to listen to new concepts and possibilities even if you don't agree with them.

You aren't allowed to judge them. 

Which one would you choose?

and why?

- The game of Life

-Your life drive

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