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The Artist's Way

Blank canvas, oil paints ready, sturdy paint board positioned, ready to paint a masterpiece! Motivation is at its peak, I'm ready to flow!

I look at my paints perfectly positioned, ready to feed my thirsty brushes when I think; now what am I gonna paint?

I ponder there for a minute at the blank canvas, waiting for inspiration, waiting for ideas, waiting to be infused with creativity to paint a magical masterpiece.

But of what? Of where? Of who? 

Maybe I should have planned this more? 

How am I supposed to paint if I don't have the finished painting in mind nor brainstormed any ideas or put any plan on paper?

I start to paint anyway, hopefully inspiration will guide my paintbrushes to develop the piece of art that will surprise me and inspire others.

A few strokes, this way that way, of different colours, of different styles.


Now what?

I walk away from the Paint board and realise that this isn't going to work the way I want it to. I need to brainstorm, I should have had a finished painting in mind, some sort of of plan, scenery, portrait in mind.

But I didn't.

Why didn't I plan this better?

How come I didn't brainstorm?

How have I not got an idea of the finished piece in mind?

What steps have I mapped out to guide me towards the finished product?

How can I track my progress without knowing what I'm doing?

A disaster.

Where there is no vision, there's no hope!

-The game of life.

-Your life drive. 

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