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An Endless Journey

So you're driving a car alone, on an endless journey. It's a long strenuous drive, dreary and stormy at times but then sunny and clear at other times. You're happier and calmer when it's sunny and the drive is a little easier. The road can get quite steep when driving up and down windy-road mountains and you even get lost driving through pine foresty roads but you eventually find your way. You continue to drive and drive and drive and even though you should stop and get petrol, you don't. You keep driving and driving because you feel you don't have time to stop and need to get to your destination asap. Next thing the engine starts to heat up and the red light goes off but you still don't stop the car even though you know this could be risky! You know that eventually the engine is going to give up and you surely might get a burn out. How does this make you feel? Anxious? Panic? Stress? Worry? Now let's imagine the car is our mind and we are the conductor of our thoughts. It can be a strenuous journey trying to manage our thoughts sometimes, but we really do need to stop and get petrol-be it mindfulness, meditation or a thought managing exercise. Just like the car, if we don't stop on a regular basis to refuel, have a break and calm our stormy thoughts we'll get a burnout which does not help our mental health one bit at all. Take care of your mind, manage your thoughts. If you need some advice, tips or guidance with managing your mind and thoughts, contact me at:

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