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Music is Medicine

'When words fail, music speaks' -Shakespeare 

 It unifies, it cures, it feeds, it releases, it vibrates, it transmits, it escapes, it harmonizes.... 

Music is medicine.

It heals negative emotions, provokes hair-on-end goose bumps, diminishes anger, motivates you, liberates you from negative feelings and has been tested to improve symptoms and social functioning among schizophrenics.

Music is a healing therapy modality and according to a study by researchers at Imperial College London and therapists at the Central and North West London Mental Health Trust, they say that music therapy for psychiatric in-patients with schizophrenia can improve some of the symptoms of the disorder. Reference below:


As well as that, music therapy has demonstrated efficacy as an independent treatment for reducing depression, anxiety and chronic pain. So if that isn't something that will convince you to turn your favourite song or music on immediately, I don't know what will.

Why am I writing this post? 

I'm writing this post because listening to music, the right music at the right time of the day (especially in the morning) alters my state extraordinarily. It completely changes my mood and energy and turns me into a happy, walking-on-the-clouds, can-do-anything, positive freak. The beaming state I find myself when tuned into the right music is something that's just above and beyond myself. It's quite unexplainable how my energy connects with the right music, it's like my word completely changes.

My energy is high, I love everyone and everything and my day rolls into an opportunity magnet.

There's a place in London called 'DayBreaker', I believe it's in most cities now which is a sober morning rave in a club. People go there first thing in the morning to dance their absolute sweaty socks off to pure pumping club music. They even say that if you go for a job interview after being at one of these, that you're nearly guaranteed to get the job.

What happens here, is that your energy is completely altered so high with positivity and euphoric happiness, due to dopamine (the happy chemical) being released while you're dancing and listening to this energy lifting music.

It completely sets you up for the day ahead and ready to combat any challenges the day might bring.

So my aim for this blogpost is to hopefully inspire those of you to turn your favourite music on when you're in the height of stress, anger, anxiety and even sadness.

Different music makes different people happy so whichever one suits you.

Switch it on first thing in the morning and when combined with exercise, it has a much more intensified effect.

Then watch, as your day unfolds into complete success.

''Music is the soul of the universe it gives the mind wings, flight to the imagination, it gives life to anything''


-Your Life Drive

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