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Being a Confidence Cat

Cultivating chin-up confidence.....

Standing tall, strong, shoulders back, feet firmly on the ground, centered, powerful and in control, - that's the dream!

It's what a lot of us wish to feel when we're up there under the spotlight in front of a class or a seminar, on stage or at work giving a presentation.

What's really happening is our palms are sweaty, we're at the height of stage fright, our mind has gone blank and our voice is trembling like a moth about to be tongue flicked into a lizards mouth. It's a nightmare for some of us, especially me when I first started public speaking.

I'm not too sure if I know an awfully huge amount of people who were born with confident genes, it's something that I for one had to build up, and I'm still working on it, especially as numbers get bigger, and more and more people come to my classes and workshops.

Confidence isn't walking into a room trying to think your better than anyone, nor is it comparing yourself to anyone, confidence begins when we start to believe that we are good enough. We are already good enough for ourselves, we don't have to try to be good enough for anyone else, only ourselves.

We are knowledgable enough, intelligent and smart enough and that's the most important thing to believe and know and we deserve to be confident.

This is where confidence starts to build.  

You might feel that you're quite a shy, quiet and introverted person who might even find it difficult in social situations and that's okay! It's perfectly fine, because every single human being has the ability to be confident no matter the circumstance.

People who are generally shy actually aren't always that shy 100% of the time, especially when around their close friends and family where they can open up and be themselves more.

So how can you start cultivating confidence right now this minute?

Start with your physiology, your posture, what does a confidence person look like? They look tall, they make eye contact, and they don't have fidgety fingers, so keep your hands calm and collective, act the courageous confident cat you wish to be.

Our Physiology, which we can easily control, is directly related to our mindset and feelings. Where the body goes, the mind and emotions will follow. 

Strike that confident pose and act it out- ''Fake it till you make it'' says Amy Cuddy. 

We all have the ability to improve in every way everyday, so develop a positive growth mindset, develop the belief that you will succeed.

Tell yourself you deserve this, you're valuable, worthwhile and well capable of doing this.

Self confidence is a super power, once we start believing in ourselves, magic starts to happen!

-Your Life Drive

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