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Be a Belief Basher!

Just like boxers box with their whole mighty force to knock their opponent down in order to reach victory, we need to box through our beliefs that are standing in the way of our own personal victory!

Most of us don't even know we have limiting beliefs, absolutely no idea!

Neither did I until I started studying our minds, I didn't even know that what I was saying came from an actual belief and was stopping me from getting what I wanted to achieve.

First of all It’s important to note that beliefs are not facts. 

However, deeply ingrained beliefs can indeed be mistaken as facts. These beliefs are often nothing more than conclusions we have drawn based on growing up and from our childhood experiences.

Our beliefs essentially influence 95 percent of the decisions we make and the actions we take. They form the foundations of our self-concept, which determines how we see ourself in relation to the world around us. The labels we give ourselves, the limitations we put on ourselves, and the expectations we have of ourselves are all built upon our belief systems.

If our belief systems are not aligned with our goals and objectives we would like to accomplish, then we will often feel stuck, unfulfilled, and miserable.

The essence in achieving whatever goal or objective we desire boils down to the very sentence that come out of our mouths which come from our internal beliefs.

How often do you say, without a double blink of an eyelid; 

"Just my luck, I don't have any time, I'm not good at that, I'm not creative....." 

Some of us find it a bit of a brain challenge to come to terms and realize that the statements that come out of our own mouths are completely blocking our path to reaching our full potential and goals, and to be quite honest so did I initially!

I was definitely one of those who found myself saying "I couldn't do that! I don't have enough money, I'm not a tech savvy, I don't know what I want, I'm not good at that, I'm such an idiot..." 

If we continue to tell ourselves the same things, dwell on the same limiting sentences, go over and over the same unfortunate stories, they will continue to be true.

But when we change our story, we can change your life.

So what can we do to find out if we have limiting beliefs? And if we do, what can we do to change them to more empowering ones?

The first step is through self awareness; Watch your language and the sentences you speak.

Are you repeating negative statements over and over?

Recognize the most common limiting sentence. Limiting beliefs almost always begin with “I can’t because…” (“I can’t find a good job becauseI never went to college.”) As soon as you say the word “because” you invoke a part of your brain that believes, “I have a reason.” That’s when you simply stop trying. So as long as you tell yourself that you can’t do something because….. you never will. 

The second step is to change the limiting sentence to an empowering one; 

From: "I can't....., I don't...., It´s too difficult" etc. 

To "how can I do it? What steps do I need to take to learn it? What other options are around this?" 

These empowering sentences change the whole way the game is played and puts you back in the front seat in getting what you want.

Is your day to day language blocking your results? Are your beliefs empowering you or holding you back from succeeding in whatever it is you want?

If you have any questions or comments or even need some guidance and coaching;

Please contact or comment below. 

I would love to hear some of your personal stories and experiences.

Sarah- Your Life Drive.

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