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Getting Over Your Fear Of Being Judged

Be not afraid of judgemental eyes! 

When we truly don't care what anyone thinks of us, we have reached an outstanding level of complete freedom!

A fear of judgement is something that's evident in nearly all of our lives and it is a lot more evident in most women than men. Realistically, people are judging us out there whether we like it or not, but what we need to realise and accept and not hide from, is that it's a part of life.

It's up to us whether we allow others to take away our power in getting out there into the world to do whatever it is we wish to.  What I've come to realise through experience, is that the majority of the time, the real reason alot of people are judging others is because of their own insecurities about themselves.  If we don't feel good or happy and content  in ourselves, or even out of balance, we are more likely to project those insecurities onto others through judgement. When we're in a good place we're less likely to judge others unfairly as we don't project our insecurities on others as easily.  

Don't let your fear of being judged shape your future! 

Our fears create boundaries and some of us live inside those boundaries which do us no favours at all! 

Shit happens. Our reaction is Everything! 

So many magical visions and life long dreams have been lost over the fear of being judged. 

The only opinion about yourself that matters is your own! 

We can't let life just slip away day by day and before you know it years have past of you just hanging around in your comfort zone; which isn't even half comfortable for most of us. 

Get out there! Be scared, and do it anyway! 

You'll look back one day and be so thankful for it. 

We don't see things as they are. We see things as we are. - Anais Nin

-Your Life Drive. 

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