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Building Bricks

It´s a lego life but it´s paramount to construct the right wall with carefully laid bricks one by one, day by day.

It can be quite mind-boggling never mind over-whelming when we stop and think about how enormous our vision and goal is and it can seem impossible at times.

That´s why sometime we need to park the idea of our end objective while we focus on taking that first small step towards our goal and doing what we love and wish for.

We just need to do one small thing, one teeny weeny thing to start the process of getting our main objective.

Even if it's just doing some research about what you want to do or where we want to be in our career, relationships and even health and fitness. That's a step.

Its the little simple day-by-day steps that bring us a long way in the future.

We can't build a whole building in one day, but we can get a brick and place it perfectly in the earth. Then the next day we can place the next brick. And after one year a lot of perfectly laid bricks will have been placed and we have ourselves a hell-of-alot of well done progress towards our final objective.

Don't be scared to take the first small step, or to lay the first brick.

Believing in ourselves is one of the most important bricks in building any successful venture - Lydia M. Child.

-Your Life Drive.

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