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Feeling Sad?

Updated: Apr 9

´´Accept sadness like we accept happiness´´

So the only way I can approach this topic is to come at it from a place of sadness because as much as I could try to give advice about managing sadness when I´m not actually in a sad place, I feel it's more authentic to do it in from the real deal.

So what I've come to realise from experience is to accept that we actually feel sad when we do just like we embracefully accept happiness so easily when we´re happy.

I grew up with the belief that I have to be strong, to show a brave face, be tough and well able for anything, which benefited me well, but it took me a few years to realise it's okay to be weak sometimes, to be soft and spongey and to let the cracked walls down and the floods break through.

Through acceptance rather than repression comes release.

It´s okay to feel sad sometimes as we´re emotional human beings.

Have a good cry!

let´s bawl our eyeballs out when we need to, and let those feel-good chemicals flow.

There´s no better feeling than the feeling of release after a good cry.

(I do love a good bawling session in front of a heart-breaking movie! and if it´s around that time of the month- holy crapster, watch the rivers flow!)

Go for a nice walk if you can.

Fresh air along the beach, down in the park or even on the street can really help to clear out any blockages of energy.

Exercise is also a super powerful tool to help you focus on those endorphins that are released during exercise.

Music is the your do do do.

For me music just saves lives (well my life anyway) With any emotions of sadness, frustration, anger the list goes on. It just helps my soul get back on the singing path. So put on some of your favourite melodies to help soothe those bumps.

Practice mindfulness, meditiation, yoga or any exercise that focuses on quietening the mind.

This especially works well for me on a daily basis. I try to fall asleep to a guided meditation every night and, if I have time do a short one in the morning. This helps me be more centered and calm throughout the day when faced with emotional circumstances.

So these are my little strategies to over-coming a sad spell. I would love to hear any comments from you and any other tactics that help you in any similar situation.

-Your Life Drive

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