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Bedtime Rituals

'' A bedtime ritual is like telling the world and yourself a bedtime story'

-Your life drive

'Bed time rituals!' I hear you say.

'What is this!? Some sort of solomen ceremony?'

Well, I can assure you that it isn´t a solomen cermony but more like a routine that I find quite 'mission accomplishing' to do at the end of my day, just before sleep.

Yes I know there's a little grinning thumbs up Buddha catching your wondering eye which doesn't necessarily mean anything. I kind of threw him into the picture as he seemed to blend in well with the colour scheme. He also generally sits on my bedside locker.

I found him there one day, just there, appeared out of nowhere, his tiny little gold self on my bedside locker with a note laying under him from my other half who had gone on a business trip. I found it quiet strange as Rafa had previously said before that he felt a bit wierd with buddhas in the house as he wasn't buddhist.

''We don't need to be buddhist to have a few small belly rubbing, ass-off-laughing buddhas in the house'' I said.

I kind of liked the look of them and they gave me a sense of calmness.

My two buddha pals have since dissappeard.

(Rafa said they must have gotten lost during our last house move) (I say hmmmmmm)

So maybe now you understand why I found it strange to find a new smirking little golden buddha on my bedside locker out of nowhere.

I was very happy to have him either way, to say the least.

So what might this whole bedtime routine be then?

Well what I actually do is before I get into deep dive snoozing is mentally go through what happened that day.

I do acknowledge any negative incidences but I try to focus on and find the positive situations I found myself in and what made me happy.

So now this leads me to the little notebook which is called 'My Gratitude Book'

It's a book which has only five things listed at the end of each day from what I'm grateful for, it could be as simple as:

''I'm so grateful for the lovely and friendly person on the bus today who made me giggle a bit''


''Thanks for a lovely sunny day which allowed me to walk to work''

to a big one like

''I'm so very grateful for getting paid today! Thanks´´

When writing thee things down and really feeling the appreciation of what happened, good vibes just beam out and I fall asleep on a happy note, not tomention wake up on a happy note.

I have found that, since picking up this easy-to- do, but easy-to-not-be-arsed routine,my life is just filled with gratitude and happiness, not to mention financially flourishing.

So there ya go! There ya have it, my bedtime ritual.

-Your life Drive.

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