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Things aren't always as they seem

“He who answers a matter before he hears the facts – it is folly and shame to him.” A man sits on the metro with his two small boys about 5 and 6 running around beside him screaming, jumping, and being very loud in general. -"You'd think he'd have more control over them" - says a business man to himself. -"I can't believe he's just letting them get out of control. He has no sense of discipline and he's supposed to be their father who should be teaching them manners and respect for others, he should be ashamed of himself" Next thing, the business man, so shocked at the situation, gets uneasy and finally, after a lot of stress, gets up to go over to the father to tell him to keep his kids under control. "Excuse me, but you wouldn't mind telling your children to be quiet, sit down and behave. It's very frustrating to watch and they're very much bothering me" Says the business man to the father. "Oh my dear! I'm so terribly sorry for the trouble... I.... We... Well... I know I should be trying to keep them quiet but...we're just on the way back from their dear mother's funeral, I just thought they had been through a traumatic time which is why I've been so easy-going with them. The business man goes back to his seat and I'm sure we can imagine how he felt. Our perception of reality is objective - (something that actually happens) and subjective (how our brains make sense of what happens) Each of us experience the world uniquely, influenced by our physical brain function, our past memories and experiences as well as present conditions. We see what we expect to see and remember what we expect to remember because of our brain’s perceptual bias - (the lens which we filter our experiences through) So seeing a situation with our own eyes may not necisarily be the truth. Which is why we need to take a moment to re-think what could actually be happening in any situation. The truth is we don't know most of the time. Next time let's try and hold the judgment. (me included) ☘ When you judge others, you do not define them, you define yourself.” -Earl Nightingale

-Your Life Drive.

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