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It's ok to be alone with yourself

"I relied on you and let you become my happiness and that's where I went wrong" -unknown

I've come across the following statements so much lately... "I don't like being alone with myself" "I hate being on my own" "The thought of being in my own company alone is terrifying" I would really like to address this in hope of helping someone or anyone who feels like they can't be on their own and who fear the time they have with only themselves. I would love so much to hand this out as a gift in a box but I can't. It's an inward self discovery journey that we should all take and benefit from. Learning to be alone with oneself needs work, discovery, self talk and time. Mindfulness and or meditation are powerful tools to use in this process. The first step is to realise that its possible to enjoy our own company. The next step is to put it into practice with a few key things in mind: When we truly learn to embrace our alone time it can be the most nourishing gift and comfy zenned place. The truth is that all of us have a unique and special, wonderful and creative, funny, calm and empowering person inside ourselves, that barely gets to peep out in today's high-tech, stress-driven, fast-paced society, where we are encouraged to be around people constantly. So it's not uncommon to find ourselves relying on the company of others to help us feel content. What's most important is the realisation that the only person who will always be there for you is YOU. You can always rely on yourself, cheer yourself up, take care of yourself and most of all make your own decisions and give yourself your own freedom. When we get to the stage of being truly content with ourselves in our own company, the relationships that we do choose to commit too will be such balanced and cherishing ones. . “Kill the part of you that believes it can't survive without someone else.”

― Sade Andria Zabala

-Your Life Drive.

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