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Intentionally Mindful Living

Updated: Jan 23

Our intention creates our reality, said Wayne Dyer once upon a time.


The alarm clock goes off, you pull yourself back into reality and press snooze, fall deeply back into sleep and straight back into your dream so easily. Why are dreams always the best on a Monday morning!?

This dream could go anywhere, the outcome is in your hands, but you must get up.

You're so cozy.


It’s lashing rain outside!


Your alarm clock goes off for the 2nd and 3rd time followed by more snoozing. You eventually look at your phone, maybe that piercing blue screen will lift your eyelids open. You have a little scroll on Instagram or whatever your social network fix is, have a quick peep at your emails then manage to roll out of bed.


You finally get up, wobble into the bathroom, and unconsciously brush your teeth, one eye open another one dreading the image of the shower.


You hop out of the shower, hurriedly get dressed, quickly leg it out of the house and jump into the car, wishing you had grabbed a coffee, but it’s too late now.


The traffic is bananas, the gloomy news is on the radio, you’re running late for work and patience is running low.


You’re the last one in, the meeting has already started, you awkwardly excuse yourself into the room, half sweating and absolutely parching for a coffee.


Back in the rat race rumble!


What Monday mornings are all about, aren’t they?


How do you feel after reading that?

Notice your feelings, can you name them?



But what if your morning could go differently….

The alarm clock goes off, you press snooze, and you take in five long mindful deep breaths and intend to have a calm and relaxing wake up.


(Literally in your mind say- ''I intend to walk up calmly and relaxingly''


You fall deeply back into sleep and straight back into your dream so easily.


It's so cozy.


It’s lashing outside!


Your alarm clock goes off for the 2nd time and you mindfully avoid looking at your phone or checking social media, emails, or any messages, you remain calm.


Before you finally get up, you spend two minutes breathing in deeply, bringing your attention to the sounds around you, noticing the temperature in the air, the feel of your bed clothes, the smells in the air, and then you get up slowly, keeping your attention on the present moment.

You try to hold this for as long as you can- using your five senses during your morning routine.


How do you feel now after reading that?

Notice your feelings, are they slightly different to after the first paragraph?

Can you name them?


This article may not help you change your life drastically nor magically turn you into a mindful guru, flicking off stress like a dust feather off your shoulder.


But what this Mindfulness story will hopefully do, is suggest some mindful tools that you can take on and implement into your daily life, to help you live with intention, and more mindfully, while doing so.


Why would I be interested in living a more intentional mindful life?


That’s a question only you can answer but we’re on the right track of question-asking.

Would you like to change the way you feel while working or in your day-to-day life at home?

Would reducing stress levels be something you might be interested in?

Is worrying and feeling overly anxious a lot of the time something you would like to manage better?


When our intention is clear about how we’d like something to go, we’re on the right track to paving the way for a good outcome.

When we add mindfulness into the intention equation the results multiply.

I’d like to invite you to softly integrate Intentionally Mindful Living into your life where we implement mindfulness and set mindful intentions in everything we do.


How do I take part?


All you have to do is click this link and press join Intentionally Mindful Living Community to see daily mindfulness suggestions, guidance and reminders.

Some mindfulness guidelines are:

1: Mindfully set 3 intentions throughout your day.

2: Bring yourself to the present moment 3 times a day.

3: Record your progress at the end of every day and outline how you feel.

Some mindful intention examples are:


I intend to bring myself to the present moment in the morning, lunch time and night before I go to sleep while taking in 5 deep breaths.


When I feel stressed, anxious, worried, or panicked, I intend to implement my 5 senses: Look around, listen, hear, feel a texture and smell.

I intend to focus on one task at a time.

I intend to pay full attention to what I’m doing, and to who’s speaking at any given moment.

I intend for this meeting to turn out much better than I ever imagined.

I intend to be inspired and creative at work today.

I intend to spend quality time with my loved ones in the evening.

I intend to take self-care time for myself every evening for at least 5 minutes.



If you need any help finding mindful intentions, please get in touch.


Good Luck! 😊


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