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Manage vs Achieve- Confusing Verbs.

Most of my students mix up these two verbs and use them wrongly, let's correct this confusion today. Have you ever come across these verbs and wondered how to use them correctly?

*To manage something/ to do something

(to succeed in doing something, especially something difficult complicated or busy situation)

After a lot of negotiation, they finally managed to reach an agreement for the sale of their house.

Fortunately, Angela managed to arrive at the airport on time to catch her flight despite the delay to her train.

They managed to find an investor to meet with in relation to the new company. We couldn't have managed without you! Your input has been indispensable.

I don't know exactly how we'll manage these targets considering the pressure we have.

*To achieve something-

(to reach a goal or level thanks to prolonged effort)

He achieved his dream of winning a gold medal in the Olympics.

Did the team achieve its objectives for last year?

The home team scored a goal and achieved victory.

We have achieved great results this year in respect to visibility.

A successful company achieves high profits alongside sheer determination.

Now it's your turn, fill in the gaps (don't peep at the answers)

Retrospectively speaking we .................. to reach most goals last year regardless of the pandemic and high inflation rate. Although we struggled to............. our sales targets, we still work at our full potential, taking into account remote working along side a high level of absences. We also successfully contribute to our sustainability which was a struggle to ............. the year before so well done to you all!

Answer key:






Now that you’ve learned the difference in how to use achieve and manage, the only thing left is to incorporate it into your daily business English use today.

Write some examples in the notes below to start off your practice, I'll check them after.

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