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English Learning Strategy, What's Yours?

There is utterly ample information out there in the world of English to learn, from You Tube to Instagram, TikTok to free dowloadable resources, not to mention Chat GPT, your own personal AI teacher.

But are you holding yourself accoutable on a daily/ weekly basis?

Have you discovered any learning strategies to help you accelerate more rapidly?

Do you have any specific learning skills to make sure you don't forget everything you've learned?

Try out this English learning strategy to accelerate your progress and make sure you really assimilate what you've learned and never forget.

Here's an example:

Phrasal verb: Get by (to manage to live or do a particular thing using the money, knowledge, equipment, etc. that you have)

*Listen to any YouTube videos, movie clips, songs and you own voice recording of speaking with this phrasal verb.

*Speak actively while including it in your converstaions, speak to yourself out loud, record yourself speaking.

*Read relative texts, aticles or news which includes this phrasal verb. Ask Google or Chat GPT to find them.

*Create Images with related points, draw the phasal verb or paint a picture with a story.

*Teach what you've learned to someone else or back to yourself again imagining yourself being both the student and the teacher.

Repeat this strategy throughout all of your English learning and watch your progress accelerating rapidly.

Let me know how you go 😊

Good luck!

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