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Let's Clarify How To Use Too Much & So Much.

Have you ever found yourself saying ‘’too much’’ instead of ‘’so much’’ and can’t seem to distinguish between either of them?

Let's fix this confusion now.

*So mucha high or excessive amount (also used with ‘’that’’)

The R&D have been working on developing a new product so much recently.

I spoke so much giving the presentation that I could barely speak clearly afterwards.

*Too much more than necessary, more than what is needed.

I wish he would stop talking, even just for a minute, he shouts too much when he talks.

There was too much pressure on the sales team to boost results during the crisis.

Let’s put this into action and test yourself: (don’t peep at the answers)

Even though there’s been……………. publicity regarding the product launch, the Marketing team still need to promote the product through other channels.

However, according to the R&D department if we attract …………….

attention media wise, we could end up with ………………. coverage that we might not have to continue promoting the product in the end.

Considering the fact that we’ve been working under ………….pressure to get the ball rolling with the launch, we are quite relieved now that it has driven great results.

Answer key

1.So much

2.Too much

3.So much

4.So much

Now it’s your turn, write some examples below to help you start off your practice, I'll check them after

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