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Let's Clarify and Correct the Structure of ALSO

A great deal of my students confuse the structure of ALSO, due to the fact that TOO and AS WELL mean the same, however, they don’t have the exact same structure.

Let’s go down the rabbit hole on this one and explain how to use ALSO correctly and then we can compare it to TOO and AS WELL.


We us ALSO in affirmative sentences, to show agreement, something in common or giving more information about something.

ALSO is usually used in front of a verb. If there is no auxiliary verb, you put ALSO immediately in front of the verb, unless the verb is TO BE.

Except… “Also” comes after a modal or “to be” verb, and before the infinitive.

Let's look at some examples:

We should expand on the course learnings and also summarise the course. Martha is in charge of organising social events and she also looks after clients. Leslie likes to give presentations. She also likes to train others to give better ones.

Not only do we draw up contracts, but we also draw up agreements.

The company also likes to take care of its clients well.

We were also nominated for ‘Best Place to Work’.

The management committee can also join us in the meeting.

She is also becoming a great leader.


Be careful NOT to put also at the end of a clause.

She enjoyed her job but she was ambitious also.

Comparing ALSO with TOO and AS WELL.

TOO and AS WELL mean the same as ALSO but the structure is different:

We were also there.

We were there too.

We were there as well.

Now it's your turn!

Let’s put this into action and test yourself: (don’t peep at the answers)

Re-write the following sentences to sentences with ALSO.

1.Due to the rise in inflation, we had to increase the price of the product and change the product packaging too.

2.If we had more resources we would innovate more and change the design as well.

3.We would like to recommend changing your way of working and how the office is structured too.

4.They took the financial risk as it was the right thing to do and they felt obliged too.

Answer Key
1................we had to increase the price of the product and also change the product packaging.
2...............we would innovate more and also change the design.
3..............changing your way of working and also how the office is structured. was the right thing to do and they also felt obliged.

Now that you’ve learned how to use ALSO correctly, the only thing left is to incorporate it into your daily business English use today.

Write some examples below using the above examples, to help you start off your practice, I'll check them after

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