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If we don't know how to use ''WILL'' properly we will always be mixed up.

When and how to use will:

When we start learning English, we tend to think that WILL is only used for the future; but wait! There are many more ways:

Predictions- I think I’ll work late this evening; I’ve loads to finish up*.

Instant decisions- I’ll go with you! I’ll open the window. Will I start?

Promises- Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone.

Threats- If you don’t send the report, we won’t know the figures.

Offers- I’ll help you with your CV if you like.

Refusals- He won’t comply with the regulations!

Predictions about the future (uncertainty)

Fionnula: What do you think will happen next year in terms of the budget?

Liam: I reckon* we will have to wait and see as time will tell*.

Fionnula: I wonder if we will see a drop* in fuel prices in 2023?

Liam: I really do hope fuel process will drop in 2023.

Instant decisions (no previous planning)

Liam: I’m going to call a meeting* for next week to discuss next year’s strategy.

Fionnula: Perfect! I’ll send the invites.

Liam: Then I might head out* for lunch as it’s not as hectic* in the office as last week.

Fionnula: Oh lovely, I’ll go with you.


Fionnula: I’ve got so much on my plate* this month with the deadline.

Liam: Don’t stress too much about it I will help you out and we can finish everything together.

Fionnula: You’re a star!* Could you please call off* tomorrow’s meeting too?

Liam: Of course, I’ll do it straight away!* And then I will help you with your speech, I promise.


Liam: I’ve just got a mail from the head office and if we don’t send a promotion today, we won’t reach our customers by tomorrow.

Fionnula: I know I heard that too. We also need to catch up* with or team leader or we won’t get the go ahead*.

Liam: Well, if our team Leader doesn’t give us the go ahead, we will get the green light* from her boss instead.

Fionnula: Great idea! We need a plan C though if her boss won’t give us the green light.


Fionnula: Will I help you out* with the monthly close Liam?

Liam: Yes, if you don’t mind. I really need a hand*.

Fionnula: No worries. I will also sort out* the mess on your desk if you like?

Liam: Thanks so much Fionnula, what would I do without you?


Liam: I have just asked HR to take on* more staff, but they said they won’t.

Fionnula: What do you mean they won’t?!

Liam: They said they won’t take on more staff unless they get a bigger budget.

Fionnula: Well good luck with that! As they won’t give us a bigger budget.

Some Extra Grammar Explanations*

Finish up*- to finish the job/work for the day

I reckon*- I think

Time will tell* – we will see in the future.

A drop*- a decrease

Call a meeting* – organize a meeting

Head out*- go out

Hectic* – very busy

You’re a star*- an amazing person

Call off* - cancel

Straight away*- immediately

Catch up*- have a chat to update each other about things

Get the go ahead*- to receive permission to do something

The green light*- to receive permission to do something

Help out*- help

Need a hand*- need some help

Sort out*- organize

Take on*- hire

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