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How can you assure yourself that you can work to ensure your English commitments are met?

A very common confusion amongst my students is the difference between ASSURE and ENSURE. Let's go down the rabbit hole and clarify the exact difference and how to use them correctly.

Firstly: The definitions:

Given the fact that English is one of the languages with the widest range of vocabulary, it has a huge amount of words that, when translated from other languages, have similar meanings but different language uses. When studying English, it is important to understand the key differences between similar sounding words in order to use them correctly.

Ensure and assure are 2 verbs with the same root but different prefixes, which have related meanings in other languages. Understanding their differences will help you determine which one to use depending on the context.

Differences between ENSURE and ASSURE.

ENSURE (verb): to make something certain, to make certain of something/guarantee something is done.

I ensured that we wouldn't run out of paper for the printer by ordering twice as much as last time.

How can we ensure that the construction noise won't disturb our employees?

ASSURE + SOMEONE (verb): to tell someone in a firm way or promise someone that something will happen or that something is certain and remove their doubts or fears.

Tommy assured the team that he would guide them in the new way of working.

We have tried and tested this strategy, I assure you it works.

Now it's your turn. Fill in the blanks, Don't peep at the answer key.

1.To ensure the safety of my home, I have installed an alarm system.

2.I assure you that we will be on time.

3.Our primary goals in this area are to ensure our employees' safety.

4.I need to study more to ensure I get a passing grade.

5.He assured her they would work to ensure those commitments are met.

Well done for taking another step forward in your English learning journey and clarifying the difference between ENSURE and ASSURE.

Let's implement it into your daily business English use today. Write some example sentences in the notes below to start off your practice, I'll check them after

Answer Key:





5.Assured / ensure.

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