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From Up-skill to Re-skill and Skill-full to Skill-less

What skills can you include in your CV? Would you regard yourself as skill-full or skill-less?

Would you be interested in up-skilling or re-skilling in any area?

Let's see what's on the table....

*Skill /skɪl/ (noun)

The ability to do something well; expertise, capability.

What kind of skills would I need to work as an industrial engineer?

I admire that designer's creative skills, they're quite exceptional.

*Up-skill /ˈʌpskɪl/ (verb)

To teach (an employee) additional skills, or learn additional skills.

This crisis is an opportunity to up-skill our staff and expand their capabilities in the department.

They will provide grants of up to 75% for staff who decide to up-skill in their field of expertise.

*Re-skill /riːˈskɪl/ (verb)

Teach (a person, especially an unemployed person) new skills.

They are re-skilling the unemployed to help them get back into the workforce.

Three new trainers were taken on to re-skill the group on the new algorithm.

*Skil​lful | \ˈskil-fəl \ (adjective)

Possess or show some skills.

A renowned skilful Artist has released dates for her classes and courses starting next year.

What a skillful Chef she was, watching her cook in an open kitchen in the restaurant was fascinating.

*Skill-less /ˈskɪlləs/ (adjective)

To not have or show any skills.

I feel quite skill-less now in terms of writing marketing stories due to my work having gone down the technical path.

What would it take to teach some new IT skills to the team who have been feeling quite skill-less regarding A.I?

*Unskilled /ʌnˈskɪld/ (adjective)

Not having or requiring special skills or training.

Unskilled manual workers were provided with different types of training course to help them up-skill on different tasks.

What would you suggest doing with an unskilled labour force in order to encourage and motivate them to learn new skills?

*Over-skilled /ˈəʊvə(r)skɪld/ (adjective)

If your skills are greater than what is necessary for the job.

An employer may fear that the lack of challenges provided would bore you into looking for more interesting work in the future if you're over-skilled.

The fact that he was over-skilled for the position made him wonder why he chose that role in the first place.

So now it's your turn, tell me your skill story in the notes below

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