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Fit vs Suit - Let's Fix This Common Confusion Today!

Have you ever found yourself confusing these two verbs at work when you're trying to organise a suitable time for a meeting? Or even when you are speaking about matching a candidate to a position?

If so, read ahead ........

To fit means to find the exact or necessary space or match for something.

To be a good fit for a position or role.

To fit (verb)

A good/bad fit (noun)

I think she would fit the position perfectly, don't you?

Can you fit me into your schedule at all? It's fairly urgent!

Let's hope the role fits his future vision.

Maria would be a fantastic ft for for the new management position.

To suit someone or something means that it's right for that person, to provide what is required or appropriate for the thing or situation, or it makes that person or thing look more attractive.

Mark was hired as he was perfectly suited to the role and position requirements.

Working internationally didn't suit her as she had family obligations.

Wednesday at ten o’clock for the meeting suits me perfectly.

That sofa suits the room really well – the colours match the walls.

Black doesn’t suit me; I look better in lighter colours.

Suitable-unsuitable (adjective)

A suit - (noun)

Common Mistakes

Does 13.00 fit you? ❌

14.00 will suit you? ❌

No it's your turn: Let's put it into practice and test yourself:

Fill in the gaps: (don't peep at the answers until you've finished)

1.I reckon this position would ............her very well as her extensive experience is quite impressive.

2.I'm afraid 9.00 doesn' at all du to the fact that I have a dentist appointment.

3.We've just found five candidates who ....................the role fantastically, at last.

4.Would you be able to ..................... me into your schedule this week for a quick catch up?

5.The salary didn't ....................her expectations at all so as a result she refused the offer.

Well done for taking another step forward in your English learning journey and clarifying the difference between FIT and SUIT.

Let's implement it into your daily business English use today. Write some example sentences in the notes below to start off your practice, I'll check them after

Answer Key:






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