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Common English Connectors - ''Because'' Synonyms

Updated: Feb 26, 2022

Let's assimilate some useful connectors, and different ways of saying ''because''...

to enhance your English ways of expressing yourself and increase your ability to elaborate your explanations in English.


The company is closing because it has gone bankrupt.

They have signed the contract because they made an agreement.

Because of

They have called off the meeting because of the strike.

She hasn't closed the deal because of the disagreement.


He won't understand, since he doesn't speak English.

They decided not to go out for dinner, since it was very late.


She refused the job offer, as the perks didn’t suit her.

They couldn't find us, as they didn't have our address.

Due to / owing to

The unemployment was high due to the economic crisis.

They had a delay owing to the traffic jam.

Let's implement these today!

Now it's your turn,

Write some examples in the comments below.

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