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5 proven ways to improve your English Level rapidly and effortlessly!

Let me ask you 3 questions firstly:

Do you strive to improve your English but then feel let down or feel like you’re not reaching your goals?

Do you panic when English presentations loom at work?

Have you lost your vision for where you want and need your English level to be?

If any of these questions apply too you then, read below to find out five tested and proven ways to improve your English level rapidly and effortlessly!

Let’s not beat around the bush any longer and get straight to the point!

1.Allocate short time periods daily.

Given that we are all have a lot on our plates nowadays with work, family life and so on, we can barely fit in time to study English. But don’t fret, allocating as little as five minutes when you can, here and there will be a huge help.

Five minutes in the morning, five minutes in the afternoon, five minutes in the evening or any time you manage to find during the day.

Reading an email post that you subscribed, reading the newspaper in English, studying an English learning app or whichever learning sources you prefer.

(Please ask me for some recommendations in the comments below if you need some)

2.Listen, Listen, Listen

If you seriously want to elevate your English level to the next stage, you really need to be listening to English every single day. Whether it’s listening to a podcast while commuting to work, in the car while driving to work, in the morning while getting ready for work or watching series in English, listening to English music and learning the lyrics, whatever your preference, you have to do it on a daily basis. I can’t overstate this enough: Listening practice is essential for your improvement, understanding and also indirectly helps you speak better English.

3.Plan your day, write your lists and notes in English

You would be surprised how effective this tip actually is.

Planning your day, either speaking it in your mind or writing it down on paper on a daily basis will have you automatically thinking in English very soon.

Writing shopping lists, to-do lists, your work agenda, schedule meeting times, notes to yourself and so on is an extremely effective way to boost your English level effortlessly.

Not only will you start to think in English throughout the day but you will also pick up new vocabulary and develop such a healthy new English writing habit.

4.Speaking in English even when you have nobody to speak to

Sadly enough, a lot of my students don’t have the opportunity to speak English at home or outside work, and they find that they’re limited to just English for business purposes and therefore don’t feel that they’re improving in their English levels.

Here is the perfect solution for this:

When you’re listening to podcasts, the news or the radio, at home or in the car, speak back to what you are listening to, involve yourself in the conversation out loud, give your opinion about the topic, agree or disagree, speak your ideas out loud.

5.Read up on different topics

The more topics you read up on, the more vocabulary you learn thus, the more freedom you have with your English speaking. Choose topics that interest you and subjects you would usually choose in your native language. Remember to read out loud as well, which will help your pronunciation. How about doing your hobbies in English? Cooking, watching sports, yoga, mindfulness & meditation, theatre, art and design videos, creative tutorials and even courses in English.

These are absolutely fantastic ways of incorporation English into your life.

When you have the answers to the following questions below, you will have a clearer idea of what you want and need to do in oder to reach your English goal:

What's your goal, objective, and vision for the future at work? Is English an essential stepping stone to get where you see yourself in the future?

What new opportunity doors will open given a boost in your Business English?

Let me know in the comments below if you have any questions, queries or concerns, I would be more than happy to help.

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