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3 Fundamental Marketing in English Tips

Updated: Feb 11, 2022

How do you pitch an idea well in Marketing English ?

Presenting an idea to your colleagues or associates and persuading them to support your proposal is tough on its own, then to do it in English is a complete other level of stress.

Keep your pitch clear and short.

Simplify your English grammar structure.

Use familiar English for everyone to understand.

How can you represent your brand in English competently?

Knowing and advocating your brand inside out in your native language is already tricky, then to do it in English can leave you chasing your tail.

Know your Key-Word Vocabulary well. Have your Social Network Platforms English checked.

How can you talk about your product launch and advertising campaigns with agility?

Rehearse, rehearse out loud, rehearse in front of the mirror, practice in the car, talk to yourself around the house.

Work on your English presentation skills. Use Marketing English expressions to catch the audience's attention.

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