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Ride The Urge, Kick The Habit!

''Exchanging our bad habits for good habits is like swapping war for peace, a storm for sun and self destruction for self-kindness''

- Your Life Drive.

Any kind of urge and every kind of self-sabotaging habit that we have which we are struggling with, be it obsessive cleaning, smoking, over-drinking, compulsive decision making, over checking our phones and even biting our nails to name just a few can seem so difficult to quit doing and just give up.

What I've recently begun to realise is that it really isn't as difficult as much we think it is.

It's actually quite easy.

We just have to STOP DOING IT.

Just like that.

We just need to not respond to the urge.

When that nagging urge to smoke shows up, the urge to have a glass of wine, eat that bit more, scoff all of the chocolate or constantly check our phone.

When the craving comes, when the impulsive decision or compulsive urge pops up;

Just watch it show up, feel it rising like a wave, observe it at it's peak and


The more we don't repond to the urge the more the urge diminishes and that's where we begin to kick the habit.

The more we give in, the stronger and more intensified the urge gets the next time.

The more we allow the urge to be without reponding to it, the more it dissapates and the less meaning it gets.

The emotions we get from not complying to the urge can be quite intense but we need to feel them thoroughly and be the observer of our own feelings and thoughts.

Watch the urge wave come,

Let it peak,

Then watch the wave fall and dissapear.

We CAN take control of this rather than let it control us.

What we need to realise and what is paramount for the journey to regaining our personal power is that an urge has NO authority unless we give in to the urge.

Urges demand actions but they have absolutely no authority in our lives.

Ride that urge and kick that habit!

Regain your personal power.

-Your life drive.

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