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"Whether you think you can or you think you can't, you're right" - Henry Ford.

A few friends of mine and I were having chats some time ago, talking mostly about what was going on at work and what we were facing with the changes we were about to make in our working lives.

One of the girls, Tina, was doing her Master's in International Business, not only in Spain, but in Spanish. Now this is a girl who had just started learning Spanish two years previously, so you can imagine what a challenge it had been for her.

It had been one of the most frustrating times of her life because she felt that some of the other students mocked her accent behind her back when she spoke Spanish giving presentations, and in other public speaking situations.

One day, as the end of the year was approaching and deadlines were starting to show in the horizon, one of tutors approached her.

"Why are you even doing a Master's in this country? Why don't you go back to your own country and do it?" (Which she had previously completed two degrees in)

"You aren't going to pass your Master's degree, this is a waste of your time"

As you can imagine, comments like these can be soul destroying and if you let them, could easily help form a belief or a decision that- yes, maybe you're right. Why would we ever go to a different country, in a foreign language, start learning it, and do a Master's degree in it?

Sounds bizarre!

Yes, it sounds bizarre, and maybe it is bizarre, but Tina would not have passed her Master's degree and got one of the highest in her group if she had listened to that tutors "advice" or "opinion"

Some of us, if not all, grow up with the belief that we can't do this and we couldn't possibly be able to do that in the majority of areas in our lives.

The truth is we weren't born with these beliefs.

We have these limiting beliefs through direct personal experiences or through what we have heard, read or have been told.

The power of our minds goes beyond the strength of the universe.

We have a choice.

We can allow our beliefs to stop us from getting our goals, losing weight, getting that job we always wanted, buying a house, doing a handstand or whatever it is you just don't think you can.

It's all possible.

It's just about if you believe it or not.

-Your Life Drive

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